ASUS RT-AC87U & RT-AC3200 Routers Review


RT-AC87U & RT-AC3200 Router Interface Pg.2

For both models the USB Application section deals with everything USB related. Unlike the more basic Network Map section this includes being able to set up a USB device as a Samba, iTunes, FTP based Network Attached Storage unit and allows for connecting to the USB storage device via the internet.

For non USB storage related tasks this page also includes the ability to configure a network printer via the Network Printer Server. Not all printers are supported so pay careful attention to the list of supported printers. However in a pinch the Line Printer Daemon tool can be used and will improve the chances of a non-supported printer actually working.

Now in its second iteration the AiCloud 2.0 section allows for remote connection to the network via an iOS or Android device no matter where you are located in the world. You can even stream video from your LAN – via Samba – to your phone as well as use custom ports for both web and streaming. Just be aware that you will be using upload bandwidth via your ISP and download bandwidth via your device’s data plan.

Much like the USB application section, the Wireless area under the Advanced Settings group is much, much more in-depth than what the Network Map section would lead you to believe. In addition to configuration of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network(s) WPS can be configured, the router can be set to bridge mode, wireless MAC address filtering can be set up and there’s also an option for Enterprise orientated solutions such as a RADIUS configuration.

The Professional sub menu is also where you can further tweak and customize the wireless networks and control advanced features such as enabling 256-QAM (aka ‘Turbo QAM’) and even set up a basic schedule for when the wireless radio will be enabled and disabled.

The LAN section has the usual Local Arena Network configuration options including the IP range, DHCP server settings, route and whether or not to support Jumbo frames. The DHCP server abilities have been significantly beefed up over the AC66 and it is now very easy to hard set an IP to the MAC address of a given NIC.

Of special note is the IPTV section which allows you to connect your Internet enabled TV or set-top box directly to the router and have it access the internet. With connected TVs being more and more common this is a great addition.

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