ASUS RT-AC87U & RT-AC3200 Routers Review


RT-AC87U & RT-AC3200 Router Interface Pg.3

The WAN section of these two routers allows for setting up a DMZ, port forwarding, NAT passthrough and most interestingly of all: Dual WAN. As the name suggests you can use one of the four ‘LAN’ ports as a second WAN port. While not all that important for most this will be a very nice feature for those who do need it.

IPv6 deals with enabling IPv6 abilities of both router but thankfully it has been set to off by default. Meanwhile, the VPN server section deals with setup and configuration of a Virtual Private Server and allows for some very decent configuration abilities such as encryption level and hard setting client IP addresses. Unfortunately it only supports a maximum of 10 clients at one time, but for most home users this should be more than enough.

The Firewall tab is also fairly robust and allows for filtering by keyword, URL or even by network services. Better yet you can either use a blacklist for the filters or a whitelist, the latter of which is much more secure but also more time consuming to properly configure.

Administration is where you would find all the usual administrative related tasks such as changing the login password, setting the router to repeater, Access Point, or Media bridge mode or even just where the routers go to update their clocks. It is also where you can update the firmware and even save or restore custom settings to and from the router.

As with previous generations both models come with a very complete System Log consisting of seven subsections. Each and every one is very self-evident and we doubt anyone will have problems figuring out which log to search for answers.

The last section – aptly labeled Network Tools – contains some very basic network troubleshooting tools that make chasing down issues a lot easier.

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