D-Link DIR-868L & DWA-182 Wireless AC Review


Setup and Installation (DIR-868L)


It came as no surprise that the DIR-868L installation process was a quick and painless affair. Just plug in the router, attach the various cables, and either run the software which comes on the included CD or simply type into your web browser. Either way will allow the router to walk you through the setup procedure which has been automated as much possible and requires very little user input.

On simple networks this will take about 60 seconds to complete if you want to use the default passwords and SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. If you want to use custom options for either or both networks it will take a bit longer.

When the wizard is finished you will be left with two fully functioning networks and all that will be left to do is either start using your basic 802.11N and 802.11AC functionality or customizing the more advanced features.

If you do use more advanced features, configuring them should only take a few moments as D-Link has opted for their classic easy to use, easy to navigate and highly intuitive interface. We will get into the various features this router has to offer but the list is rather long and detailed.

Setup and Installation (DWA-182)


To get the DWA-182 working, simply remove the end cap, plug it into a free USB 2.0 port (or USB 3.0 if you opt for the C1 version), and then run the included software and driver installation. Alternately, plug it into the included base station.

The included software consists of one very lightweight program: the Wireless Connection Manager which isn’t precisely needed since Windows 7’s (or Windows 8’s) built-in wireless controller works perfectly fine with the DWA-182. Using the program does grant the ability to see every wireless network which is in range and broadcasting, their MAC address, signal strength and even channel. It also allows you to use the DWA-182’s Wi-Fi Protected Setup option without needing to physically push the WPS button on the 182’s body.


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