GIGABYTE BRIX Review; A Mini Powerhouse?



POV Ray 3.7

POV Ray is a complex yet simple to use freeware ray tracing program which has the ability to efficiently use multiple SYSTEM cores in order to speed up rendering output. For this test, we use its built-in benchmark feature which renders a high definition scene. The rendering time to completion is logged and then listed below.


WinRAR is one of those free tools that everyone seems to use. Its compression and decompression algorithms are fully multi-core aware which allows for a significant speedup when processing files. In this test we compress a 3GB folder of various files and add a 256-bit encryption key. Once again the number listed is the time to completion.

The BRIX isn’t a good option for anyone dealing with high level workflows but once again we are seeing that i7-7500U boast significant improvements over its predecessor. Some of these are due to architecture-level revisions while others are simply a byproduct of higher frequencies.

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