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Samsung LN55C650 120Hz LCD HDTV Review


Author: Michael “SKYMTL” Hoenig
Date: August 9, 2010
Product Name: Samsung LN55C650 120Hz LCD HDTV


Throughout the last few years, we have brought you several reviews of Samsung TVs which may look out of place considering the PC-centric theme of Hardware Canucks. The reasoning behind this slight shift in focus is to bring readers greater insight into technology-oriented products that are being talked about. You’ll likely see a fair bit more consumer electronics gracing our pages in the coming months but the focus will likely stay the same: affordable products which bring some higher-end features to lower price ranges. To that end, we will be looking at one of Samsung’s much talked-about C600-series LCD TVs today.

The LN55C650 is one of the many products that bridge the gap between lower-end, sub-$1300 units and the ultra expensive cutting edge sets that make up the high end market. Priced at $1999 here in Canada (we have actually seen it retailing for $1700 recently) the C650 looks to offer the excellent picture quality aficionados expect while discarding unnecessary fringe features like 3D and 240Hz technology. Basically, it is supposed to strike the perfect balance for those of us who are unwilling or unable to put up money for features with questionable benefits yet still want a great viewing experience.

It should also be mentioned that while we are looking at the 650 model of Samsung’s C-series, when taken at face value there is very little to differentiate it from the C610/C630 which retails for a few hundred less. Naturally, the feature set between the two is slightly different but the main difference is in the panels used. So any observations we make in this review about the LN55C650’s picture quality and performance just won’t be carried over to the LN55C610/630 as well.

With Sony’s lower-end Bravias and Toshiba’s newly revised G300 series, Samsung’s C650 really does have an uphill battle to fight. Nonetheless, with features aplenty and the legendary picture quality Samsung has become known for, this TV stands a good chance to come out on top.

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