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Samsung UN55C9000 55″ 3D LED HDTV Review


Author: SKYMTL
Date: April 3, 2011
Product Name: Samsung UN55C9000
Part Number: UN55C9000ZFXZA
Warranty: 1 Year


In today’s HDTV market, the vast majority of products tend to cater to the lower-end of the spectrum in the sub-$1500 category. Below this price point, many times the panel quality isn’t all that great, features are either cut or missing altogether and overall design trends tend to focus upon utilitarian functionality rather than pushing the envelope. But for those of us who want a product that’s a cut above and not owned by every second person on our street, there are a few HDTVs out there which fit the bill.

In the latter half of 2010, Samsung had a massive selection of LCD, LED and Plasma TVs that span literally every price point from $400 on up. However, they hadn’t really scratched the ultra high end market’s surface even though some of their HDTV proved themselves to be superlative performers. The UN55C9000 was created to fill this perceived gap by offering stunning picture quality and features which would make any aficionado weak in the knees in what is simply one of the most stunning designs we’ve ever seen. Naturally, this came at a steep cost: a whooping eight thousand bucks but time has allowed this particular C9000 to fall to a “mere” $5000.

With a price which approaches that of many used cars, Samsung had to take things to the next level and in many cases it looks like they did. Very feature which Samsung currently implements on their HDTVs has been included with the C9000. This includes a TV-based internet / widget service, custom apps, an impressive looking touch screen remote, 3D compatibility and a laundry list of other features.

In order to cut down on the overall thickness of the TV, a standard CCFL-based LCD wasn’t possible so an edge-lit LED panel was used. This will likely be a controversial decision since in this price range many will be looking for slightly higher performance local dimming models but that technology takes up precious space and Samsung wanted the most compact design possible.

Some may be wondering whether the C9000 is really all that relevant considering we are on the cusp of the next generation D-series release. Well, due to the ultra high end nature of this set and the advanced technology behind it, Samsung has decided to keep it around well into 2011 where it will continue to act as a flagship product.

During CES 2010, many commented about how unique the UN55C9000 looked but we’re about to find out whether it’s all flash and no dash or really something which can set Samsung apart from their competition.

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