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Samsung UN55D7000 55″ LED 3D HDTV Review


A Closer Look at the UN55D7000

The UN55D7000’s design follows in the footsteps of its predecessors but Samsung has continued to refine the overall look and feel into something more futuristic this time around. Gone is the large frame from the previous series and in its place is an almost bezel-free design that allows the image to look like its floating in the air. The four-prong base does make a comeback but it too has been revised so each of the “arms” rests flush with the mounting surface.

Not only do edge lit LED panels allow for additional efficiency over previous LED-based designs but they also allow manufacturers to push an amazing amount of technology into a thin frame. This may not be useful for people who shove this set into a cabinet but at a mere 1.2” thick, the D7000 will surely look great when mounted on a wall.

On higher end sets like the D7000, Samsung has finally seen fit to move away from their “Touch of Color” design towards a neutral color palette for panel’s surrounding frame. The minimal screen bezel is surrounded by a border of clear Lucite which blends into almost any background

The back panel connector selection is generous to say the least with the upper section housing four HDMI 1.4a inputs, a trio of USB connectors (one of which can accept a dedicated external hard drive), an optical output for HD audio pass-through and an all in one connector for the standard AV break-out adapter Samsung includes. Meanwhile, the lower area holds a VGA input, an antenna connector, another area for 3 to 1 standard A/V cables, a headphone jack, an interface for Samsung’s proprietary EX-Link for additional features when paired up with some supporting devices and finally a standard Ethernet port.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Samsung has designed what can only be called a unique backlit controller. On one side you have a standard remote interface with every function we’ve come to expect along with a few SmartTV access points and a 2D to 3D conversion shortcut.

The flip side is where the magic lies. Samsung has converted the remote’s underside into a full QWERTY keyboard, number pad and directional controller that really comes in handy when using the SmartTV applications that are included with the D7000. There is also a small monochromatic screen that displays text as you type.

We found this to be a great addition and due to its button design, there’s no way you’ll accidentally press the opposite side’s keys. There is however one major issue with this thing: it has to be “paired” with the TV in a process that is long, arduous and next to impossible without some serious patience.

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