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Samsung UN55D8000 55″ LED 3D HDTV Review


A Closer Look at the UN55D8000

The basic design of the D8000 bears a striking resemblance to that of the D7000. It uses the former’s stunning edge to edge, almost bezel free Lucite and titanium edged design along with a delicate but well designed chrome base. Indeed, throughout the review you’ll see quite a few similarities between the two sets since the higher end unit is actually a carbon copy of its sibling but has a few additional features and a slightly better panel.

Like most large Samsung HDTVs, this one requires a bit of assembly as that good looking stand needs to be attached to the panel itself. All in all we love this design though the D8000 does have a small “chin” for the center mounted Samsung logo which tends to break up otherwise very clean lines.

Along the D8000’s right edge is a bank of actual buttons which do away with the wonky functionality (or lack thereof) of the D7000’s capacitive interface. However, we highly doubt most people will actually use these all that much.

When looked at edge-on, there really isn’t anything to distinguish this set from any other in Samsung’s D-series edge lit LED lineup. At about 1.2” at its widest point, the D8000 is one of the slimmest HDTVs currently on the market but you’ll likely never be able to appreciate this feature unless it is mounted on a wall.

In order to maintain such a minimalist design, Samsung has spread the connectors over two surfaces that are at a right angle to one another. In total, there is a quartet of HDMI 1.4a connectors alongside VGA, component, Ethernet and composite inputs. Audio I/O is handled by a couple of 3.5mm jacks and an optical output. The D8000 also has WiFi built into its svelte frame.

Much like on the D7000, Samsung has carried over their interesting looking remote to this higher end product. On one side you have a standard remote interface with every function we’ve come to expect along with a few SmartTV access points and a 2D to 3D conversion shortcut.

The flip side is where the magic lies. Samsung has converted the remote’s underside into a full QWERTY keyboard, number pad and directional controller that really comes in handy when using the SmartTV applications that are included with the D7000. There is also a small monochromatic screen that displays text as you type.

We found this to be a great addition and due to its button design, there’s no way you’ll accidentally press the opposite side’s keys. There is however one major issue with this thing: it has to be “paired” with the TV in a process that is long, arduous and next to impossible without some serious patience. It isn’t all that comfortable either but we wouldn’t expect you to be using it all that much.

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