The Best Gaming Mice of 2020 – From Actual Gamers!

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Welcome to our best gaming mice video for 2020. Now when we talk about mice it’s important not to just mention the features, the scroll wheel, how the buttons sound, but also talk about the shape. However, it shouldn’t just be from my perspective because all of our hand sizes and all of our preferences for shape are different. This is why I will be talking to some amazing FPS players who can also provide their opinion on what they choose for their best 2020 mouse, and also what mouse they keep coming back to regardless of the year.

I feel like 2020 has been a really good year for gaming mice, not just in the trend of making sure everything is lighter weight, but also making sure that the structural integrity has improved along with that slimmed down body. So let’s begin with the epic countdown of the best gaming mice of the year.

Glorious Model D Minus

Let’s dive right in, my favorite lightweight ergonomic mouse for 2020 is the Glorious Model D Minus. Price-wise it’s affordable at $49 USD, it’s available in black or white, and it’s a really lightweight designed at 61 grams. All the usual goodies are in here like the G-Skates mouse feet, fantastic flexible cord, the DPI indicator at the bottom, and the sensor is the PixArt 3360, which is the same one that the Glorious have been using for a while now. The switches are 20 million mechanical clicks, so that is one of the somewhat downgrades because the competition are stepping up their game in terms of optical switches that have a much longer lifespan. However, the ergonomic shape here easily wins the best comfort level for any ergonomic models that I have tried this year. Everything fits in the right places and the slightly larger Model D is a bit too large for my hand size. I prefer something slimmer and something a bit shorter in length and the Model D Minus satisfies that criteria perfectly.

Mountain Makalu 67

Moving on my favorite larger lightweight mouse, we have the Mountain Makalu 67. Priced at $59 USD it is still fairly competitive, and by its name you can tell this is a 67 gram mouse. Now the reason why I chose this mouse is because the build quality is incredible. We like to squeeze the mouse from the sides to check on the flexibility, and there is absolutely nothing creaking, no flexing whatsoever. The structural integrity of that shell is awesome despite having some perforations, but those perforations are slightly different versus everything else that is available in the market. It has a 4-way DPI indicator behind the scroll wheel, 50 million click Omron switches, and a new PixArt PAW3370 sensor. This is supposed to be a technical masterpiece, the best of the best from PixArt so far, with really low error rates, really low liftoff distance as well, and it goes up to 19,000 DPI. Does it matter? Probably not, and in my testing I can’t tell the difference between that and the lower-end PixArt sensors either. However, at least you are 100% guaranteed performance for life.

As for shape, this one is targeted towards claw and palm grippers, and it has a slightly larger hump at the rear with slimmer front triggers. This is not a mouse that I would consider super comfortable for my hand size, because the larger hump kind of narrows my fingers towards the front triggers, but for claw grippers this would be really nice. My grip style is a bit of a hybrid and I have a slightly wider hand than normal, so a lot of mice that are this size don’t really work for me, but with this one I could still game.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

Moving on to my favorite large ergonomic wireless mouse, we have the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro. It is a bit expensive at the $129 USD, but it is a fairly lightweight for a wireless mouse at 88 grams. It has all the fantastic guts from Razer, like the Focus+ Optical sensor at 20,000 DPI, second generation optical switches that are some of the quietest in my collection yet still have that crispy feel. It has up to 120 hours of battery life on Bluetooth and up to 70 hours with that 2.4GHz USB dongle that just stashes away at the bottom. This thing is compatible with the Razer mouse dock as well for charging. This is one of the most popular mouse shapes in the world, so many people love this one. It’s a bit too large for my FPS gameplay, but also the Mini version is a bit too slim, so I can’t decide between the two. However, it is a technical masterpiece and Razer deserves some credit here with the DeathAdder V2 Pro.

Glorious Model O Wireless

Moving on to my favorite lightweight wireless mouse, we have the Glorious Model O Wireless. It is my favourite for many reasons, one of them being the $79 USD price point, which is super competitive. Also the lightweight nature at 69 grams and the new BAMF sensor that goes up to 19,000 DPI, which was developed in collaboration with PixArt. That fantastic shape is really safe, easy to learn and master. We have an included USB extended dongle with a black cable for white mouse, which I found strange, and only one way to plug the USB-C cable so kind of takes away from the USB-C convenience. The G-Skates feet are super smooth as we have come to expect from Glorious. In terms of battery life you are looking at 70 hours of continuous usage. The build quality of both of my copies is absolutely solid. All those amazing features makes this an easy recommendation for a high-end wireless performer that is also lightweight and affordable. If you can find a Model O Wireless pick it up.

Cooler Master MM720

And now onto my favorite mouse of the year, the mouse that gives me the best aim and that is the most comfortable for me: The Cooler Master MM720. This mouse is impressive on so many levels. First of all, the price point at only $49 USD, so it’s affordable, and it comes in black and white in both matte and gloss, which is awesome. The weight is the lightest in my mouse collection at only 49 grams, so that is pretty incredible. This mouse has an IP58 rating due to the perforated design, so it’s both dust and water resistant on that PCB and the switches. By the way those switches are 70 million clicks, which are the LK Optical mouse switches with no debounce delay.

I love that the cable is light and not noticeable with the bungee. The sensor is that trusted PixArt 3389 with 16,000 DPI. We have extra PTFE feet included, plus this optional grip tape that you can apply. Shape wise it is based on the original Cooler Master Storm Hornet with all the upgraded guts, so if the shape is for you there is absolutely no going wrong with the MM720. The low-profile design and the slightly wider body accommodates my wider hand perfectly and gives me that really nice support for my aim and play style. I love the glossy white, I’ve turned around with that because of the additional grip, and this is my mouse for 2020. It is being used right now on my gaming station, and they have improved the build quality drastically compared to the previous MM711. That earlier models feels like a toy that will fall apart, whereas here the whole shell is just one piece and it is absolutely solid.

Logitech G Series

I also want to give a quick shout out to the Logitech G305, the G203, and the original G Pro because the shape is phenomenal as well for my hand size. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it fits a good range of hand sizes, and I have been running these mice for years with no regrets.

And now let’s hear from our prestigious guests because when it comes to mice I feel like the more opinions the better.


Zy @RocketJumpNinja: The mouse I’m choosing isn’t out at the time of this article, but I have reviewed it already and it is available for pre-order. It should be released in December. It is the XTRFY M42, which is basically a smaller Steelseries Sensei, but with a modified shape. If you combine the Sensei with elements from the Zowie-FK series you would have a pretty good understanding of what this mouse is like. The grip width is about 5.4cm and the length is about 11.8cm. I recommend it for hands that are around 19cm x 7cm. It has some modern features we love like the PixArt 3389 optical sensor, holes to reduce the weight keeping it at 60 grams. Also it has a replaceable back, so if you like to have your Pplm on the mouse more you can use the high back. If you prefer a more traditional fingertip grip you could use the low back.

There is plenty of RGB and it even comes in multiple colors. It is listed at $59 USD on the website, and you can even download the 3D file and print your own shapes for the back. There is no need for software, everything is adjusted on the mouse. It is a solid choice and it’s great to see a new company high up on the top mice list. That said I personally always still go back to the Ultralight 2 from FinalMouse, but considering you can’t really buy that model anymore this would be my next choice. Also I should just mention that I haven’t yet reviewed the HyperX Pulesfire Haste, ROCCAT Burst Pro, or the Glorious Model O Wireless, so for now my top pick of this year is aforementioned the XTRFY M42. As always you can check my YouTube channel or go to my website to see the latest reviews or just look at the top price list.


Ali @ OptimumTech: Hey, what’s up, Ali here, and the Razer Vipre Mini has been my weapon of choice for the better part of 2020. I know it’s odd seeing as this is definitely what I would consider as a budget gaming mouse option at just $40 USD. However, the fact that it’s only 61 grams makes this an excellent option for competitive shooters. It is a smaller mouse than what most gamers would be used to, but the benefit of that is that it’s just extremely maneuverable. You can just throw this thing around on a big mouse pad and aiming feels completely automatic. Build quality is okay for the price point, the weight feels nice and balanced, and the buttons are light and crispy enough. There are a couple of things that I would love to see changed here though, if I was being a bit picky. I would love to see an updated sensor with a lower liftoff distance, as it is a bit high out of the box and still catches me off guard every now and then. Also since Razer is on the trend of making everything wireless these days the Viper Mini would be absolutely epic without a cable.

And then there is that one gaming mouse that I always find myself coming back to without fail, and that is Logitech G Pro Wireless. I have rotated through quite a few gaming mice this year, but the G Pro Wireless is always the mouse that I know I can pick up and have a good gaming session with. Also, if I just had to pick one mouse for video editing and everyday use this would definitely be it. In my opinion, the build quality and feel of the buttons is unrivaled by anything else, and that is saying a lot for a mouse that’s been out for over two years. To conclude, these are the two gaming mice that I know that I can always count on: The Viper Mini and the G Pro Wireless.

Brandon Taylor

BT @BrandonTaylor: What’s up, it’s BT here, and my candidate for best mouse of 2020 was the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless. This is a case where it’s not a perfect mouse by any means, but it’s the perfect mouse for me. It only weighs 66 grams, has an amazing sensor, and it’s wireless so no wires to hold me back while I’m fragging. It has IP54 micro-switches giving me crisp and excellent feedback when clicking on my targets. Most importantly, the number one reason why I love this mouse is the ambidextrous shape. The back has a hump that is amazing for my claw grip. It has a slight diamond shape that flares out that follows the natural curvature of my medium sized hands. My game of choice at the moment is Valorant, a game that is slow and very dependent on fast flick headshots, so having a mouse where you don’t know where the mouse starts and your hand stops is very key in having fast flick aim.

An honorable mention, a mouse that I keep coming back to is the Razer Viper Mini. This again has a shape that feels so natural for my claw gripm and every time I pick it up I fall back in love with it. I usually use this for faster paced games like Apex or Overwatch because of its smaller size. It is super quick when running into multiple enemies in a short period of time, and did I mention it’s only $40 USD? An unbelievable value! All right, that’s going to do it for my best mouse of 2020.

Outside The Top 5

I do have a few honorable mentions that didn’t exactly make it the Top 5, starting with the Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. It’s all the same body and style as the regular Viper Ultimate, but with this incredible colourway. The details are awesome, the yellow colour is vibrant, and in my eyes it’s more of a display/collector’s item, but I really love what they did here.

I also want to give a shout out the G Pro X Superlight. This one is a bit more expensive at $149 USD, but they have managed to shave off some weight so it’s 20% lighter than the original G Pro at 63 grams versus 80 grams. There is a slight redesign too, so no more RGB logo, some white accents are added, plus it has a trimmed down scroll wheel. It still uses micro-USB for charging, which is a bit unfortunate. Also, frankly, I feel like they have removed a little bit too much to cut down on the weight. For example, it is no longer truly ambidextrous because the side buttons on the right have been removed. They even removed the DPI button at the bottom, so the only way to change DPI is through G Hub or remapping one of the five buttons, which to me seems really wasteful. Battery life went up to 70 hours of continuous usage versus 60 hours on the original G Pro. Honestly, the glide is smooth and the shape is just awesome, but the reason why it’s not in my Top 5 is because the Glorious Model O Wireless seems to be ahead of the curve feature-wise and it’s almost half the price.


All right, so that is our collection of best mice for 2020. I feel like the collection is pretty fair and 2020 has proven to be a good year for the gaming mice market. If you want to pick them up, everything is linked down below. Let me know which mouse you are using, and what are you planning to upgrade if you’re not totally satisfied with your current mouse.

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