The BEST Gaming Mice We Missed in 2020!

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If you’re looking for a new gaming mouse right now in 2020 you are in luck. There has been so many fantastic releases in the past 12 to 18 months that many of our top mice for 2019 still applied today. However, since then there has been so many smaller releases that don’t get much exposure, and this is what this article is about. I want to shine some light on some of the mice that you might have missed in the midst of all the chaos.

Now my gaming history revolves around competitive CS:GO gameplay, Escape from Tarkov, and just really learning the mechanics and the gunplay per title, and I don’t really play Call of Duty because I can’t stand waiting for the shaders to optimize. Obviously these mice will still be totally fine for all types of genres. As usual all the product links will be listed down below.

For starters, we have the latest Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini, which is too mini in my opinion, but we will get to that later. We have the new Glorious Model D-, which is like the smaller Model D. Next we have a surprise presence from DREVO with their first mouse, the Falcon. This is the mouse that surprised me the most, especially at its price points. We are going to see exactly what is so special about these mice and whether or not they should be considered worthy for 2020.

SteelSeries Sensei 10 Neon Rider Edition

Before we get into the three main mice, let’s talk about some of the honourable mentions that have kind of launched under the radar and have not received that much exposure. Starting with the SteelSeries Sensei 10 Neon Rider Edition. As a mouse it’s identical to the Sensei 10, which I’ve previously reviewed, it’s just a skin on top of it and it’s a really damn cool one. It’s purple and vibrant, and it matches the Neon Rider skins from CS:GO. Simply put it’s a beautiful mouse and you can also buy a matching mouse mat that is not RGB or a slightly wider RGB mouse mat that looks fantastic. Unfortunately, from a technical standpoint the mouse is nothing special, it’s not super lightweight, the cable is janky and rubbery, it’s not the kind of really light cable that we have come to really love and expect.

The scroll wheel is also a bit too soft and the primary clicks are a bit muddy. The only advantage here with the Sensei 10 is the new TrueMove Pro sensor that is capable of up to 18,000 DPI, it is super accurate and fantastic. This is also one of the few mice in the market that is truly ambidextrous, there are browser buttons on each side so you can program it for both right hand or left hand operation. I appreciate them catering to left handed users. The reason why I’m highlighting this mouse is because I want more companies to follow in the steps of SteelSeries by introducing some really beautiful designs into the mouse market.

XTRIFY M4 Street Edition

This why I also want to mention the XTRIFY M4 Street Edition, and this one is unfortunately limited to only 4,000 units. It’s a very unconventional approach to colouring a mouse, you expect this kind of mismatch more on a fancy custom keyboard. This mouse has a blue cable, some green accents, white sides, a black top, different coloured browser buttons. I would love to see this pattern continue with Logitech and Razer, because doing something cool like this will definitely get people excited about the brand and your mouse. Another awesome thing about the M4 is that it is driverless, so you don’t have to install anything.

Everything is controlled with a button combinations, and you can see which CPI you are using at the bottom with its own DPI indicator. The sensor is the trusted Pixart 3389, the switches are Omron with 20 million clicks durability, and it features a light 69 gram body as well. The only kind of weird thing is the cable in that it’s a bit too thick and kinks way too easily. The feet however are PTFE and the glide is super smooth. This is the ergonomic mouse for me, I absolutely love the shape and overall it’s one of my favourite mice for sure.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini

This brings us to the main three, starting with DeathAdder V2 Mini. This is one unusual mouse, when I put my hand right next to it it completely disappears. It almost feels like a mouse for kids or for babies, and maybe that is Razer’s strategy of attracting some younger gamers into the Razer cult. Next to he standard DeathAdder V2 you can see the size difference, and the V2 Mini is absolutely too mini for me. Specs wise though, it’s an ergonomic and super lightweight mouse at 62 grams. It uses Razer’s optical switches with 70 million clicks of endurance, which is the highest in this entire Roundup. The Speedflex cable is fantastic and light, and we even have additional mouse grips that are included that you can apply to either top or the sides of the body.

The proven optical sensor goes up to 8,500 DPI and it also comes with standard white PTFE feet. For my hybrid grip style the standard V2 is a bit too bulky and the V2 Mini is a bit too small, because when I put my hand on it it just disappears. The reason why I’m including it in this roundup is because technically it is awesome from pretty much every aspect like switches, build quality, sensor, cable, feet, and also the additional grip tape is something that we haven’t seen any other company include. This being the smallest mouse in my collection, and we finally have a small mouse catered to people with small hands who don’t want to settle for something medium that might me a bit uncomfortable. Now you have a really ergonomic and fantastic shape that so many people love, but in a small form factor. It is also very affordable, so this Razer offering definitely stands above the competition.

DREVO Falcon

Moving on to the DREVO Falcon, and this one is super interesting because it is an almost identical shape to the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The body of the Falcon is a little bit smaller than the G Pro Wireless, but in terms of the shape to me at least they feel pretty identical. For $39 USD this type of shape is super welcome because it is very comfortable for hybrid and claw grips, and even palm grip if your hands are small. It is a lightweight mouse at only 70 grams, it’s using the fantastic Pixar 3389 sensor that goes up to 16,000 DPI, and it has an ultra-soft cable. The sleeving here looks very similar to what the Razer is using, it’s super soft.

My only issue is the bending of the cable where it comes out of the mouse, I don’t know how this will stack up in the long-term. Another drawback is the feet, they are nothing special and they glide the worst out of all the mice featured in this roundup. It does come with beautiful RGB, the transparent plastic piece that softens out the entire glow looks pretty cool with the honeycomb shell on top. The switches here are pretty decent, the scroll wheel is a bit too soft, but nothing is rattling, and the overall build quality for $39 feels better than the Glorious D-.

Glorious D-

Moving onto the aforementioned Glorious D-, it’s a $49 mouse just like the original Model D, and it also a lightweight mouse at only 61 grams. it comes with all the usual features like the ascended cable – with new packaging so it’s not kinked in the actual package, smooth G-Skates which are incredible, and additional G-Skates included in the box for a smoother glide. At the bottom, the sensor is the fantastic Pixar 3360 with the DPI LED indicator at the bottom so you know what DPI you are using. You can do 20 million clicks on the primary switches, which is more than enough. The software is optional, which is great, but you can program your DPI levels in there and then just look at the LED at the bottom the mouse to know your levels.

It is the shape of the mouse that will 100% be its selling point, because it is just slightly smaller than the original Model D. There isn’t a massive size difference like we saw with the DeathAdder V2 and the DeathAdder V2 Mini. My hand just sits on top of the D-, everything is beautifully supported, all the curves are in the right places. Visually it’s also a stunning mouse with the RGB illumination and the matte coating that looks awesome. Build quality wise it does have a bit of flex on the body, but only if you are physically pressing into it so I don’t think it is a serious issue. Both my editing machine and my gaming station have the Cooler Master MM711. I absolutely love that shape and the lightweight nature. If you love the MM710 or MM711, the Model D- will be really comfortable for you as well. The Model D- also comes in white, so you have two colour variations

Logitech G203 LightSync

And that actually brings me to another honourable mention, the Logitech G203 LightSync. It’s only $39 USD, it is a wide mouse, and it’s not super lightweight, but the shape is fantastic. It’s weird because the mouse is fairly small, but my large hand fits so well on it in a hybrid style grip. My hand rests on top of the mouse and I can game for hours. Despite the cable not being super lightweight I like the rubber nature because there is no kinking and it will not fray over time.

The sensor goes up to 8,000 DPI with all usual software control for the DPI and RGB lighting. I have been running the G305 Wireless with my Razer notebooks. It has the same comfortable body and fantastic shape, and the battery life lasts forever.


To conclude, I think those are all worthy considerations for 2020 if you are looking for a new gaming mouse. They are all pretty much in the lightweight space, aside from the Sensei 10. I’m really impressed with the DREVO Falcon for the price point, the shape is awesome, the sensor is great, and the switches are fine too. The Model D- is one of the few mice that are perfect for my hand when it comes to ergonomics, I can simply put it on top and it just feels really good. I cannot say the same for the DeathAdder V2 Mini, but as we all know the DeathAdder shape is fantastic so if you have smaller hands it should fit quite well.

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