Cooler Master MM710 Review – Is It TOO LIGHT For A Gaming Mouse?

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I have to be honest with you guys, I was very skeptical of Cooler Master delivering on their promises with the MM710. We even trolled them at Computex by bringing a scale to their booth and measuring the weight of this mouse. However, since its arrival to my mouse mat I’m happy to report it has not left.

Cheap, Light & Comfortable

All right, so I have two pieces of good news for you. For starters, the MM710 is available for purchase today at $49 USD, so it is no longer on pre-order. Secondly, it is an awesome alternative to the Glorious Model O- since some people might find that model too small, whereas the MM710 is wider. It is also definitely more accessible and affordable than the overhyped Finalmouse Ultralight 2.

If you’re looking at the MM710 you’re probably an FPS gamer interested in that super light form factor, and this mouse definitely qualifies at only 53 grams. You probably also want something small and this is one of the smallest mice in my collection. Now I am coming from the Glorious Model O and that thing feels like an elephant now. A more appropriate size comparison is the G PRO HERO from Logitech, which is about the same length and width (at its widest point) as the MM710. It is a very comfortable shape for my hand size, with a not too aggressive top curve so it doesn’t feel too flat. For my hybrid grip everything just feels exactly where it should be. Despite the ambidextrous shell the thumb buttons are only for the right hand.

Looks & Build Quality

As you can see above, it does come in two different colours and surface textures, but those are not available just yet. And to keep the weight as low as possible there is no illumination. In comparison with the $50 Model O you do get awesome side and interior light spill due to the onboard RGB LEDs. However, to be honest I’m really into this whole matte black look. Because of the exposed nature of the shell, the internal components are coated for protection against dust and moisture.

I do want to address some build quality concerns from the early units. At the moment the primary buttons still exhibit a little bit of wobble, but not as severe as before. It looks like the side shell has been reinforced because pressing into them no longer activates the side witches. Unfortunately that internal rattle that everyone experienced is still present on my retail unit.

Feel & Performance

I have no complaints about button placement or feel. The scroll wheel is excellent with well defined steps and a light middle click. The DPI shift is tucked away from accidental presses, the thumb buttons have satisfying tactility and softness when pressed, and the primary switches have that fast travel that feel really similar to my Model O. Basically, excellent all around. The feet are white PTFE which ensures a super smooth glide, in fact his mouse is smoother than my Model O, Razer Viper or G PRO HERO. The cable is Cooler Master’s ultra-weave cable which gives you an awesome wireless-like feel.

And finally the sensor is the well-reviewed Pixart 3389. There are seven DPI levels in 100 DPI increments, two liftoff distance adjustments, and surface calibration in the software. Overall, I’ve had nothing but pleasure using this in games. Initially I did think it was a bit too light as I’m coming from the much larger Model 0 at 67 grams, but the MM710’s 53 gram body kind of became part of my hand. It made for really easy crosshair navigation and just felt really natural to use. I was easily able to stay on target and apply whatever aim correction I needed to.

The reason why this mouse might not be a good fit for you is if you find it too light. Many people might prefer something heavier to provide a little bit of extra stability when aiming. The shape could also somehow not be right for you if it doesn’t accommodate your grip well. I’m actually quite surprised at how similar this thing feels to my G PRO HERO from Logitech, and just how uncomfortable the Model O- feels in comparison to the MM710. Now the good thing is the MM710 is available to purchase today, and it’s relatively inexpensive at the only $49 USD. Stay tuned because I will be posting an Epic battle between the Cooler Master MM710 and the Glorious Model 0- and you won’t want to miss it.

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