Cooler Master MM720 and MK721 Review

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After last year’s releases Cooler Master are definitely in my good books. They have my case of the year with the NR200, I’m using the MM720 as my main mouse, and now we have some new accessories to check out.

Cooler Master are on track to release some exciting peripherals for the gaming market than 2021, and I’m really excited to share everything we know so far about the new MM731 mouse and the new MK721 mechanical keyboard. With regard to the keyboard, I’m sure there is going to be a slightly different variation model number for the 60% version and the 65% version which is what I have. It is fascinating to see Cooler Master evolve into this position where I would consider them to be a worthy option for high performance gaming, both in terms of keyboards and mice, and that is exactly what we are going to be going over today with this preview.

Cooler Master MM731 Mouse

The big question is why is this MM731 mouse so special? Well, first of all, it encompasses everything I want to see in a professional high performance mouse in 2021. For example, it is wireless with a 2.4GHz dongle, it is also Bluetooth 5.2 compatible, and of course you can plug it in for wired gaming. The Bluetooth 5.2 functionality is awesome since it allows you to connect this mouse to multiple Bluetooth devices. However, multi-device compatibility is not really new though, it was available on the previous versions, but what is exciting is that Bluetooth 5.2 is supposed to give you a lower latency. As far as wired connectivity it is USB-C, which is super appreciated.

The most impressive part about this mouse is the weight, they have been able to cut down the weight a lot and the final finished weight should be under 60 grams. My sample without the USB receiver weights in at just over 60 grams, which is still super impressive for this a pre-production model. Can we take a moment to appreciate what Cooler Master has done here? This mouse is going to be lighter than the Logitech G Pro X Superlight, which is around 63 grams, and is very pricey at around $150 USD.

This prototype rough around the edges, so ignore all those imperfections, and obviously wait for my full review when ever this mouse finally launches. They achieved this light weight with a solid shell and without having the perforations that we normally see and associate with lightweight mice. This is awesome for two reasons, #1 is structural rigidity is easier to achieve with a solid shell and #2 no gunk and dust and other particles accumulating inside the frame over time. They are following the footsteps of Razer and Logitech, so that is big league competition right there and having Cooler Master among the Top 3 is just going to be really exciting. I don’t know about the price yet, but as soon as we have a hint of information on the expected release price I will let you all know.

As for the rest of the features, we have large PTFE feet at the bottom for smooth glide. You can see the pairing button alongside the multi dial switch that lets you choose between the wireless 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, or wired. There is also a button to switch profiles, plus that little cavity for the USB receiver. The sensor here is optical up to 19,000 DPI, probably the same one as we saw with the MM720. Absolutely no complaints with it because its performance is flawless. As for the switches, they are also optical so instantaneous actuation and no debounce delay.

There is a tasteful RGB element that is a thin outline of the Cooler Master logo, and its hiding behind the plastic so it’s basically invisible when offline. I love that. And finally shape of the mouse is what’s most important, and it’s leading towards the ergonomic side. This mouse is only for right-hand use, kind of similar to what we see with the Glorious model D-. It is a complete departure from the MM720, which I prefer, but in terms of like body shape it is very comfortable for me. It’s not too wide., everything falls in the right places for my ring and pinky fingers, although the flaring on that right trigger is slightly too much. Also as this a slightly production model the trigger is slightly higher than I prefer, and it kind of reminds me of the G900 from Logitech where the front triggers were really high up and they didn’t allow my fingers to kind claw down. Nevertheless, with my hybrid grip I would say that I could game with this mouse but it’s not my optimal ergonomic style because I prefer the front element of the mouse to be slightly more angled and not to be as high as it is on the MM731.

Realistically, this is a really ambitious mouse from Cooler Master from specifications and feature points. The only thing they have to nail down is the price point, they need to be slightly lower than Razer and Logitech so that this thing can shine. If this mouse is $99 USD and weighs under 60 grams while having Bluetooth support, I mean that is a winner right there.

Cooler Master MK721 Keyboard

Now let’s move on to the keyboard. The MK721 I have here is the 65% version, but they will also be launching a 60% model without the arrow keys, the page up/page down, and the handy volume wheel. I really like the retro style of this keyboard with that silver plate at the top, the arrow keys are slightly offset from the main body, the same thing with the delete and page up/page down keys. The font is super clean, all the secondary characters are nicely visible, although not as well illuminated as the top ones. The top plate is aluminium and the bottom of the chassis is plastic, underneath is also where you will find the two angle feet adjustments.

The design fits that work and play environment, because just like the mouse this thing is both 2.4GHz with a dongle, Bluetooth 5.2 compatible, and also it has a USB-C cable connection for wired use. You can actually see the three Bluetooth device profiles on the keyboard, so you can switch between them seamlessly and quickly. By the way, the included cable is coiled to go along with that retro theme. Aside from buying a custom coiled cable, I haven’t seen any other brand include one so it’s really good that Cooler Master is pushing the industry forward.

As for the rest of the body, on the right side we have a switch for connectivity: Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired. On the left side we have a pocket for the USB receiver. You will have an option for double-shot PBT keycaps depending on the keyboard layout you choose. Because of the unconventional orientation of some of the keys for the 65% keyboards, like the slightly smaller keys to the right of the spacebar and the slightly smaller right-shift, keycap swapping might be a little bit more challenging for the 65%, but the 60% keyboard will be a standard layout. The volume wheel is awesome because it’s chunky so it’s easy to find and control, plus it has nice precise scroll steps and it also it acts as a button for customization. It defaults as a mute button, but through software you can customize what each direction does and what the click does too, which is awesome.

This keyboard will come with a variety of Cherry MX switches, but which exactly we don’t yet know. The illumination is quite good in terms of color and shine through, but keep in mind that the secondary characters are not as well illuminated as the top. I won’t comment on the stabilizers for this pre-production model, but I hope we see something of high quality and that is going to compete properly with the 60% and 65% offerings from Ducky and Razer.


And so that is the MK721 in a nutshell, I’m really impressed by all the connectivity options, and I hope that battery life is going to be good, especially because they can fit a pretty chunky battery in here given the wider and thicker body. I love the retro design as well, and I would gladly rock drop this as my office productivity keyboard. I’m really excited to see the final release product and see what is going to be refined and what is going to be changed. Let me know what you think of these peripherals, the MM731 and the MK721, would you pick any of these up based on this preview? I’m really excited to see the final mouse product, because I think this is going to be a game changer since it’s an ergonomic wireless multi-function mouse that is also lightweight and not perforated.

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