Cooler Master MM720 Review – The Most COMFORTABLE Gaming Mouse!

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I just received something super exciting from Cooler Master, a revived Hornet gaming mouse that has been renamed to the new more generic name of MM720. To me this mouse represents a proper direction for Cooler Master, because not only is it going to bring back memories from the original 2011 mouse or the revived 2015 models. Basically all the users who loved the Hornet and the Hornet 2 will love the MM720 even more.

This is the Cooler Master Storm Spawn, this is that original shape that the Hornet eventually implemented and adopted, but this is a mouse from 2012 and it’s actually pretty impressive that the shape today in 2020 is so competitive in my eyes. There are some grips on the side that were built into the mouse, some branding there too, there are DPI changes on top, and I love the red colour. If they would have done something similar with the new mouse that would have been epic. The only different physical characteristics are the feet that the Hornet eventually implemented, like the really large ones that the new MM720 has. Despite being old this is still a really, really impressive mouse. All the hardware on the new MM720 mouse is different, so let’s check out exactly what is new and exciting.

Price & Weight

I’m actually quite surprised at the specifications and the price point of this mouse. You are looking at the $49 USD, which is really competitive in today’s space. You are also looking at them that incredibly lightweight mouse at around 50 grams. This mouse has new optical switches with a lifespan of 70 million clicks, which is again for the $49 price point is absolutely competitive and completely destroys anything that Logitech Glorious offers. To me it kind of makes sense because they didn’t have to re-engineer the shape, they just had to fit certain new hardware around it.

Design & Build Quality

A quick word on the design, while the shape has remained the same it’s obviously 2020 so the shell features a perforated design. The holes are slightly smaller than what we saw with the MM711, but the illumination is very tasteful. We have that glowing bowl that is nice and soft in the middle, plus an illuminated scroll wheel as well. It all RGB lighting, which you change in the downloadable software utility. I am quite impressed at the colour accuracy, it’s almost one-to-one, what you set in software is what you see on the mouse itself.

I am happy to report the build quality is so much better than the MM711. I love all the colours With the MM711. but my gosh it feels so janky and toyish, it is very plasticky, and it crackles everywhere. The MM720 is absolutely solid, no rattling, no creaking when you try to squeeze it, it’s a very well built product. I think they did a great job reutilizing that original frame.

Shape & Comfort

Now before we continue I feel like this mouse might have a little bit of a polarizing shape, but comfort-wise as I put my hand on it this mouse fits me like a glove. All the curves are in the right places and when I jump into a game I just dominate. This is partially because I love the lightweight nature of it, but also because I have a slightly wider hand, which means that the additional support on the right side for your ring and pinky fingers are very well suited for my hand size. Michael is the same way, he absolutely loved his Hornet 2 and I will be recommending him the MM720 now. However, on the opposite side we have Zy from Rocket Jump Ninja who says he can not use this to game in FPS titles, so you have two completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

When we compare the MM720 to the most recent mice that I have been using lately there are a few differences. The Logitech G305 has a shape that I absolutely love, but as you can see it is much thinner and longer. In comparison to the MM711, which I would say is in my Top 5 comfort-wise, they are totally different shapes yet the MM720 is actually more comfortable. When you look at slightly bigger mice, like the MAKALU67 from Everest, the MM720 is a slightly wider and chunkier mouse. The Glorious Model D-, which is a smaller ergonomic mouse, still looks so much bigger than the MM720. I was even asked by Zy if I preferred the Viper Mini for FPS gaming but I don’t because I find it to be really thin, like holding a pencil and I can’t aim with that. The additional width on the MM720 really is a massive advantage for me. Normally I have a hybrid grip with pretty much all the mice that I use, but with the MM720 you can see that I’m leaning towards a palm grip, which again is so bizarre given how big my hand is in comparison to how small the mouse is.

The Models

Now I feel like Cooler Master is both prepared and aware of the comfort discrepancies that might occur across hand sizes, so they have created two model: A matte black and a glossy white model. The glossy mouse has a surface that is very interesting because it gives you additional grip. It almost feels like it is coated in a really thin layer of honey, so it provides that like stickiness factor. I don’t like it at all, which is why I prefer the black model, but if the mouse might be too small for you that glossy surface will definitely give you an additional grip. On top of that Cooler Master includes additional grip tape that you can apply to the mouse body. This follow in the footsteps of the Hornet 2 where you had that little texture on the sides, and you can do the same thing here with the MM720. At the bottom we have massive white PTFE feet, which is why the glide is so smooth. Additional PTFE feet are included if you want to swap them out in a few years time. There is also the DPI switch button at the bottom.

Specs & Features

The cable is new and improved, super soft, lightweight, and with a purple USB tip so you can differentiate between other USB ports. The sensor in this mouse is the familiar Pixart 3389, which is fantastic performer, I have absolutely no complaints in this department. Up to 7 DPI profiles can be saved on the mouse, and you can change them in the software in a 100 DPI increments. You can also disable profiles if you are not using all 7. One thing that I don’t understand in the software is the button response time setting. The switches are optical so there should not be that debounce delay that normally happens with mechanical switches for mice, so having this setting in the software is a bit confusing. Shouldn’t the mouse switch button response time be automatic and the fastest that it can be? Very odd, and I’m waiting for an explanation from Cooler Master.

Gaming Experience

As for my gaming performance and experience, as soon as the mouse came in I just put my hand on top and it’s been flawless. I have lowered my DPI to 600 where I normally play at 1000 DPI with slightly heavier mice, but at 50 grams this mouse is incredibly light. Also because it sits very well in my grip at 600 DPI it’s almost like an extension of my arm and my hand, and I feel very one-to-one with my cursor. This also brought an interesting observation because as I went back to heavier mice I had to actually increase my DPI because I was not as fast with other mice as I am with the MM720. In fact, I would recommend playing around with different DPI settings if you are getting a new mouse, because even though I’ve been gaming at between 800 and 1000 PI for years, with this mouse 600 DPI ended up being perfection.


As for buttons, I have nothing negative to say, the primary triggers feel good. The side browser switches have a bit of a curvature to them so they are easy to distinguish between one another. The scroll steps are slightly lighter versus what you experience on the MM711, but the middle click is nice and light.


To conclude, I am absolutely impressed with what Cooler Master has delivered in 2020 based on a 2011 shape. They have done all the proper hardware improvements, all the proper physical improvements as well. There is the grip tape, the additional PTFE feet, the sensor, the optical switches, the cable, the build quality, the RGB, it seems like a really well-rounded mouse for $49 USD. The MM720 is going to be in my Top 3 now, because the shape fits me so perfectly. I would highly recommend you try the mouse in store if possible, to kind of confirm your comfort level, and your hand size based on the shape. However, if your hands are slightly wider, then I would say it’s definitely a recommended buy from me in 2020.

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