An EPIC 60% Keyboard – Ducky One 2 Mecha Mini RGB Review

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Hello good people, the one keyboard brand I’m super excited about is Ducky, and I couldn’t be happier that I just received their Mecha Mini.

If you guys have not tried a Ducky keyboard yet, I highly recommend it. They have beautiful quality, and the Mecha Mini is no exception. Even just retracting the keyboard’s feet makes a nice satisfying high quality sound. The Mecha Mini is based on the One 2 Mini keyboard, it has the exact same layout, the exact same concept behind it, but with a few key differences.

Price & Build

All right, so why don’t we start off with the price difference, which isn’t that significant. It is $120 USD for the One 2 Mecha Mini versus $100 USD for the One 2 Mini. That is actually quite impressive considering the new cast aluminum frame on the Mecha Mini. It’s really heavy, good luck trying to bend it, and the frame is now low profile with this floating style key cap design and a spaced out perimeter around the keys that gets illuminated beautifully. I honestly did not mind the flex on the One 2 Mini, it’s plastic but now I understand why Ducky made the Mecha Mini. It’s a strong tide that’s pulling you in and letting you experience one premium product. The finger marks are not an issue on top and a little bit more visible in the bottom, but who looks there anyway. The feet no longer have the dual step angle adjustments, it’s now only single step feet with that wonderful opening sound.


I really cannot wait for the 65% version of the One 2 Mecha Mini, because I need those arrow keys, but this is the first Mecha keyboard in their Mecha collection and knowing Ducky they are just politely teasing. As with the One 2 Mini we get a key cap puller, a rubber USB Type-C cable, an extra space bar, and I got special treatment with this unique “Trick or treat” space bar that I will keep forever. There is also a set of color key caps that are in this gorgeous deep blue instead of the borderline pink that we saw with the black One 2 Mini.

The Key Caps

The key caps are Double Shot PBT with a wonderful smooth texture, a great solid structure, and they have minimal shine through inconsistencies only visible at the @ sign and the $ sign. The white floor underneath the key caps helps with the light spill. I love the bright yet elegant appeal, and I think the font might have something to do with that, as this is one of the best looking fonts.

My only gripe is the default white color has a pinkish hue. For example, when I activate the CAPS Lock, and I had the same issue on the other Ducky keyboards, not exactly sure why. One unique aspect about the extra key caps on this model is that they are now shine through and see through unlike the fully solid ones on previous models.

RGB Lighting

The keyboard is still driverless by the way, you can change individual colors with Z, X, and C. Also many effects are built-in for experimentation, you can save profiles and layers of macros all through a few button combos.

There’s even mouse navigation and dipswitches at the bottom to change out a few functionalities of the keyboard.

Layout & Switches

In terms of the layout and what it can do, it’s exactly the same thing as the One 2 Mini. There are MX Brown switches on both keyboards, because I love the soft tactile points from Ducky. The sound profile is slightly different between the aluminium Mecha and standard plastic body Mini, but they also sound both extremely satisfying.


In my opinion, the Mecha Mini is an exciting step forward towards delivering a premium product. Even though it has a 20% price increase versus the standard One 2 Mini with a plastic frame, I feel like it’s still pretty reasonable considering how much gaming keyboards costs these days. Unfortunately, the 60% layout is definitely not my thing, I’m a 65% minimum and TKL preferred, but if you want a compact, strong, and powerful keyboard, the Mecha Mini definitely satisfies.

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