The Best Gaming Mouse For YOU! Glorious Model D vs O vs O-

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Glorious have had a pretty successful streak of gaming mice launches, and if you’re in the market for a lightweight mouse chances are one of their three models is for you. Today we have our hands on the original Model O, the smaller O-, and the latest addition, the Model D.

The new model D is an ergonomic mouse that I’m super happy to add to my collection because I perform the best with it out of all three mice. In this review we will talk about all the differences between the three models so that you can choose the perfect one for you. If you’re not interested in the Glorious brand I will give you some alternative options as well.

First of all, the Model D comes in all new packaging that has been designed to relieve stress from the cable, so it should hopefully be more reliable now. In fact, both the Model O and O- will also ship with the new packaging as well, as soon as old stock runs out. Now the exact issue here was that the cable in the old packaging was bent at 90 degrees inside the box, which caused some type of internal damage and caused many users to experience disconnections with the Model O and the O-. As a result, Glorious have solved this issue with this sleek new packaging.

Both the O and O- will also get the new ascended cable with the orange USB port, which is a detail you probably didn’t know you wanted to know. The new cable is not as bulky as the shoelace type from before, instead it’s very light and flexible. The older cable was still great, but not nearly as flexible or light as the new one, so this is 100% the right move from Glorious.

As usual, the price is $49 USD and $59 USD for matte and gloss respectively, with black and white color options. All three models match each other perfectly, there is no deviation in colour consistency. The only true difference is the shape and the weight. You are looking at 67 grams for the Model O, 58 grams for the O-, and 69 grams for the Model D.

The latest Model D is all about ergonomic support with a large hump, a pretty smooth slant on the right side, and perfect thumb support on the left side. The Model O feels smaller in the hand with an ambidextrous shape, while the O- is a tiny mouse that is only suitable for smaller hands. The Model D is the tallest out of the three, so it’s perfect for my fingertip grip, and I love the large side buttons. I would go so far as to say that it fits like a glove. I’m actually surprised at how much I like the shape given that I find the Model O too big, but I guess that is the advantage of an ergonomic shape. The Model O still has a fantastic shape, with a great low profile, but I’ve actually gotten really used to the smaller Cooler Master MM711. That model is much shorter in length, which is why the Model O feels kind of large to me now. As for the Model O-, I love the length of the mouse, but it has a very thin body so I don’t have much support on the right side. I recently realized that I fingertip all of my mice, kind of like a hybrid grip where part of my palm on the right side makes contact with the body. Both the Model O and the Model D would be suitable for claw grip, while the O- is probably best for fingertip because of its size.

Nothing else is new with the Model D, we get the same honeycomb see-through shell, the same awesome lighting integrations, the same DPI switch up top but with the DPI LED at the bottom, the same Pixart 3360 sensor with moisture resistant coating, and the same smooth G-Skates that complete the package. The body on my unit does not creak, it feels solid, but I do have the same light leak near the bottom as others are experiencing. Overall though, it’s a well-designed mouse.

Now my only alternative for the Model D is the Xtrfy M4, which is a very comfortable mouse with an ergonomic body that is slightly smaller than the D in all areas. I love the driverless nature and sense of performance, and the only weak point is the cable which is not as flexible as the one offered by Glorious. And you know this by now, both the MM711 and MM710 are fantastic alternatives to the O and O-. I perform so well with the Cooler Master mice, but their weakness is build quality because they just don’t feel as strong or put together as the Glorious mice. By the way, you should check out the Top 10 mice of 2019 article that we did earlier this year, it has plenty of awesome mouse recommendations.

I want to conclude with some gameplay, and say that my ‘FPS Hero’ mouse between the three Glorious mice is the Model D. I recently moved up to 800 DPI for all my games and I love the control I get with it. In modern warfare finding targets is very easy, and it’s a totally different aiming experience compared to something like CS:GO, where not only crosshair placement is important but spray control is too. I was always very comfortable with the Model D. Aiming in Escape from Tarkov is also crucial for precise lethal hits, and there’s a bit of leeway on how you move so I was perfectly fine with the Model D again. The only game I kind of struggled with was Quake Champions, partially because I haven’t trained in a while, but movement in this game is so fast paced that I was struggling to land shots and immediately felt better when I switched to my lighter and smaller MM711.

Lastly, I will say the whole ergonomic shape of the Model D is absolutely fantastic for just casual productivity usage on a desktop, but I do still prefer lighter and smaller mice for my FPS goodness. In the end, the Model D is an awesome addition to the family, and if you are after an economic mouse don’t be afraid of this model’s size. Even though it’s slightly bigger than the Model O I actually find it more comfortable to use because of that ergonomic shape. Definitely another winning design from Glorious.

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