This Is My FAVORITE Gaming Mouse – Glorious Model O Review

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Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is a gaming mouse with holes in it to cut down on weight, and because of that the hype surrounding the Glorious Model O mouse makes total sense to us. What we have here is a perfect recipe for an FPS mouse following in the footsteps of what Finalmouse tried to deliver, but hopefully with less challenges on actually shipping these to consumers. Since it looks quite similar to the Air58 Ninja mouse the Model O will ride that popularity wave because some people might not even realize that this is a different mouse. This thing is going to be my main mouse from now on, let tell you why.

Price & Design

different colors for glorious model o gaming mouse

So the good thing is these are not expensive mice. The matte versions are $50 and the glossy models are $60. I love the two-tone black and white variations that will satisfy any individual color, taste and texture preference. Now the glossy model has this kind of stickiness factor that I don’t particularly like. It turns out I move my fingers over the primary buttons often and the smoother matte texture is just more pleasing to me personally. However, I do love the look of the glossy models. The honeycomb shell is all about weight reduction. However, both Mike and Eber have expressed their concerns about dust and other particle accumulation on the inside and over time, and whether that will impact its performance. That is a sound concern, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the long-term repercussions are. Nevertheless, the see-through design – especially in the white model – is gorgeous because the RGB illumination causes a lovely soft spill effect in the interior, which makes the mouse look pretty inside and out.

So, so lightweight

glorious model o weight comparison

Because of it’s unique design this is the lightest mouse that I’ve ever used at 67 grams for the matte and 68 grams for the glossy, and that is pretty incredible given the price point. Now for reference, my lightest wired mouse is the Logitech G Pro Hero at 83 grams and the SteelSeries Rival 310 at 88 grams, while on the wireless side only the G Pro Wireless can be considered a lightweight at 80 grams. Now in reality can you tell the difference between 67 grams at 80 grams? Actually, yes. Holding the Model O in your hand feels effortless if you play at lower DPI and move your mouse across a larger surface area of the mouse mat. The lightness makes total sense and it’s fantastic. When moving from the Model O back to the 80 gram G Pro Wireless, this thing feels a little bit heavy now. I’m not sure if I’m getting spoiled, but the whole precision element of having something that light that you can flick around so easily gives you a bit more control and it’s awesome.

Best cord ever!

glorious model o cord

The cord also has an important part to play because the braiding is incredibly light and it has no pull, so you can use it without the bungee no problem. It is slightly thicker visually versus standard mice, but I really like how it feels. The button placement is standard, no complaints here, with a low profile DPI switch and the color toggle below. The browser buttons have that satisfying softness, while the scroll wheel has slightly muddy steps and a bit too hard middle clicks so I won’t use that often, but the primary buttons are good Omron Switches, which short travel distance.


glorious model o ergonomics

As for the shape, it’s got an ambidextrous body, but for right hand use only you could switch the left and right clicks but they don’t feel exactly the same so that might feel odd. For my hybrid claw style grip, it’s almost the perfect size. It feels very similar to the G Pro Wireless but with a flatter back section and a slightly longer body. But I can easily switch between the G Pro Wireless, the G Pro Hero and the Model O. The reason why I’m going to be using this as my main mouse is because the aim correction, low DPI gameplay, and overall comfort just feels fantastic. The Pixar 3360 sensor is flawless and having 67 grams of precision under my hand just feels so good. The two millimeter lift off distance is low enough without interfering with my aim upon contact back with the mouse mat. Gaming has been satisfying overall and as long as you perform well with a lighter mouse, and don’t prefer something heavy for stability, I think you will definitely enjoy the Model O, especially for this price.


glorious model o gaming mouse software

As for the Glorious software, all the basics are here with button mapping, lighting effect selection, and polling rates. We have 60 DPI profiles at 100 increment changes, lift off distance adjustments from two to three, and this Debounce Time feature that supposedly can help if the mouse starts to double click in the future, since increasing latency can offset the double triggering of a switch.


Now to conclude, I think the Glorious Model O a satisfactory well-rounded product. It brings an affordable price point, true FPS ready performance, and super lightweight feel that gamers will love. My only complaint here in terms of the color options would be the glossy one since I don’t particularly like how it feels on my fingers. It feels like my fingers are sticking to the surface, while I prefer a really smooth surface like on the matte versions.

I really do hope to see more cords like the one found on this mouse, because it’s fantastic. It really is much better than anything else I’ve ever tried since it’s just so light and doesn’t interfere with anything. I don’t think most people will need a bungee for this particular cord and that’s appreciated. One downside is that the software customization does not allow individual RGB zone control like we’ve seen on many other gaming mice, but I really don’t care. I’m guessing this whole trend of honeycomb and removing a lot of the body to minimize weight will continue to be a thing in the future, and we’ll just see who does it best. I’m hoping that the Glorious Model O will deliver in terms of longevity, but at least we do have a two year warranty to rely on.

Right now the Glorious Model O gets my recommendation if you want something under 80 grams. I like it so much that although we haven’t given out an award in a while, the Model O deserves the Hardware Canucks standard ‘Dam Good’ award.

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