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Dmitry: What an amazing year it has been for gaming mice. We have seen over 20 excellent releases, so for this special feature we have teamed up with our good friend Zy from Rocket Jump Ninja to give you our Top 10 best gaming mice of 2019. We also wanted to have some fun with it, talking about the mice as we use them in-game while playing Quake Champions against each other. The challenge here is to pick our Top 5 from the list – all with the best optical sensors – and the only differentiator would be the shape, the buttons, the cable, et cetera.

Zy: Since I’m guest and get to choose first, I’m going to pick my all time favorite at the moment: The Finalmouse Ultralight 2.

Dmitry: Good choice, I don’t have that, so that’s an easy pick for me to go next. I would choose – surprise to everyone and maybe to you even – the MM710 by Cooler Master.

Zy: Oh wow. I hate you. I mean, no, you’re cool. All right, next to my list, I’m going to take like the #1 mouse – even though it’s a bit too big for me – the Razer Viper Ultimate.

Dmitry: You know I’m gonna go with the Razer Viper wired, because that stuff is good.

Zy: You know what? I’m going to go with the Endgame Gear XM1, which in my opinion is underrated and underappreciated, but is getting some traction.

Dmitry: My pick would be the XTRIFY M4 RGB as my third choice.

Zy: Good choice, very popular mouse that one. I’m gonna throw out another random one, Roccat Kone Pure Ultra. The lightweight version of the Kone Pure, a beautiful mouse.

Dmitry: I’m going to choose the Glorious Model O, which is the first lightweight mouse that was in my collection. It still fits me.

Zy: Very smart choice. Alright, a tough one, I’m going to just go with the Glorious Model O- here since I need that in my arsenal.

Dmitry: So my final pick would be the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. It’s a bit heavy, but that’s my only wireless mouse here, wish me luck.

Dmitry: We’re going to start off from five all the way down to one, so that we finish off with the best mouse for us. That would be the Finalmouse for you and the MM710 for me. Are you ready to start the game?

Zy: Let’s get it on.

Dmitry: You sound so confident. The subtlety of your confidence is scary.

Zy: Well just so everyone knows, I’ve got 21 years of experience with Quake and Dmitry has about 21 days. So, uh, he will do fine…

Dmitry: I know. Wish me luck everyone.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Dmitry: All right, so that’s the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. The wireless speed on this thing is amazing. This mouse is such a good alternative to the G502 because usually the G502 is kind of heavy and a bit too slim. I love the fact that this mouse is a bit wider. It has a cool feature of being able to customize the scroll wheel actuation, the tactility of it, and it’s only just over 100 grams so you can still perform pretty well when it comes to FPS games.

Roccat Kone Pure

Zy: The Roccat Kone Pure, it’s a pretty odd shape when it comes down to it, but if it’s your style you’re going to love it. If it’s not, then you’re going to hate it. It’s one of those Love it or hate it mice. That said, Roccat’s quality is amazing. Some of the best scroll wheels on the market, the buttons feel great, the textures feel great, everything about them just is top notch. This is a high quality mouse, but it just depends if you like the shape or not.

Glorious Model O & Model O-

Dmitry: And now ladies and gentlemen, we are on the Model O and Zy is on the Model O-. Let’s see who wins.

Zy: So what do you like about the Model O?

Dmitry: Oh man, it’s so good to go back to the shape, it just feels so familiar and as you normally call it, so safe. I love the lightweight nature, this is my first lightweight mouse sand it got me back into training for CS:GO. It has fantastic buttons, a nice scroll wheel, really good control, and nice tracking too. Abd I found 69 gram weight to be brilliant.

Dmitry: So the Model O-, how do you feel about it?

Zy: So I was a big Zowie FK2 fan and the fact that they made a smaller FK2 makes me very happy, I call it the FK2.5. I actually love using this mouse. It’s a lot of fun, it’s extremely lightweight, I mean the new cables as well are so good. When I first reviewed this mouse it didn’t actually have the new cable, so I’m very happy using the ones with the newer cables. Everything is pretty much right with these mice. Lightweight, good size for me, great shape obviously modeled after the Zowie FK series I said. So yeah, just a really solid choice and actually pretty cheap. Definitely worth a look.

Dmitry: You don’t find it too small?

Zy: Definitely not, I love small mice.


Dmitry: So I’m using the XTRFY M4 RGB and I love this thing. The lightweight ergonomic style, the shape, it’s all perfect for my slightly wider hands.

Zy: And it’s one of the few lightweight mice that’s actually designed for right-hand use only.

Dmitry: I finally achieved 1st place with the XTRFY M4, it’s just too good.

Endgame Gear XM1

Zy: So the reason the Endgame Gear XM1 is kind of underrated right now is because we have had such good mice this year. But this shape, if you’re a fan of the SteelSeries Sensei, you might actually recognize the feel of it in other key ways. It’s designed by the same person or partly designed, I can’t remember exactly who was actually designed the Sensei completely, and it has a very similar shape, but it just basically has narrower sides that feel much better in my opinion. I really like how this feels in the hand. It took me a while to actually get used to it, it’s very wide on top compared to a lot of mice, especially for such a narrow sided mouse. However, once you get used to it I think the aim is really good on this, because the button height is actually quite low. Definitely more mouse people should be checking it out. Even if there are like a heap of good mice out right now this deserves a spot in the Top 10.

Razer Viper & Viper Ultimate

Dmitry: When it comes to the Razer Viper, I am impressed at the fact they started without the holes, as the whole perception of light mice is that you need to have this a body that has holes all over the place. I’m using the Viper wired, which is slightly lighter, but obviously the wireless model does give you a little bit more flexibility and freedom to move. They’re both excellent though.

Zy: This mouse is so fun to use, I love the Vipers. The latency on these things is actually meant to be better than most other mice. I don’t know what Razer have done exactly, but they’ve done extremely well.

Zy: It looks like the wireless is winning so far. So I’ve actually got the wireless Razer Viper Ultimate ranked higher than the wired Viper version. I think it’s because it’s only 5 grams heavier, but not having to deal with the cable is great. Even though the cables are extremely good on these mouse now it’s still worth going wireless if you can’t afford it. That said, I wouldn’t actually mind using the wired version either. Once again I think this mouse has been heavily inspired by Zowie FK sort of shape. The Vipers have an amazing shape, really low weight without holes surprisingly, top sensors, everything about is right. It’s just a beautiful mouse this Viper Ultimate and I can say the same about the Viper wired. If I could just choose out of the two, I would definitely go with the wireless.

Cooler Master MM710

Dmitry: The Cooler Master MM710 is the lightest mouse in my collection. It’s the mouse that I feel like I have the most control with because it’s so light, but you kind of have to train to use the mouse that is this lightweight. I know when Michael and Eber used it they thought it’s too light. However, for CS:GO it’s awesome, and for flicks and like following up with your targets it’s just so effortless. The MM710 is well-priced too. I like the cable, the scroll wheel is awesome, the switches are nicely tactile and crispy. The only complaint would be build quality, maybe long-term, but we will see how this thing will stacks up.

Zy: I must say that’s one of my favorites too. I absolutely loved playing with the MM710 as well. One thing I will say is that the shape will allow for palm grippers and palm claw grip a lot better than a lot of the other mice. When you’re talking Zowie and all that, the better choice if you want palm claw grip is the MM710 cause it’s got that high wide back.

Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Zy: As for the Finalmouse Ultralight 2, I mean this doesn’t have a high back and it doesn’t quite suit my grip. It kind of forces me into a more pure fingertip grip. That said it’s so small and so lightweight, and the shape is actually one of the best on the market. I still absolutely love it. Unfortunately for everyone watching this, you can’t really buy it anymore. I’ve seen a few come back in stock, but it is discontinued. Finalmouse is not going to make it anymore, so I want to use it because it is my main mouse, but otherwise it’s not actually a recommendation these days simply because they don’t make it.

Logitech G Pro Wireless & G Pro Hero

Zy: I’m going to give my shout out to the Logitech G Pro wireless right now because I killed Dmitry in Counter-Strike, that should never have happened. It’s still a great mouse even a year on, I can’t believe how well Logitech did. We were just talking about how even so long after they have still managed to be so far ahead of the competition that the other mouse companies are only catching up now. It is still an incredibly good choice in my opinion, being beaten only by the Razer Viper Ultimate and the Razer Viper wired. If you have one of these, don’t I feel bad because it’s an amazing mouse.

Dmitry: Well I’m playing with the the G Pro Hero, a beautiful updates, it has a fantastic shape. This is the mouse that got me back into playing CS:GO, and just training more and being more comfortable with flicking. It is a fantastic choice. By the way, there is a Logitech G305 which is wireless and slightly heavier, but is exactly the same shape that lasts forever. Logitech killed it with the G Pro Hero last year. I hope to see more excellent options from them in 2020.

Dmitry: All right, so I do want to thank Zy for joining on this incredible project. 2019 was amazing for mice, hoping to see more cool options in 2020. I hope you guys enjoyed our collection of best mice of the year. My Top 5 and Zy’s Top 5 too.

Zy: I think that Team Zy might have won, but we’ll have to leave that up to the public because as always when it comes to mice no matter what we say it always comes down to personal preference. However, I must say all the mice we tested are amazing, so you can’t really go too wrong this year.

Dmitry: Thanks so much for following along! What is your favourite mouse of 2019? And what are you looking for in 2020? Let me know!

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