AKG K182 Studio Headphones Review

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Author: Dmitry / Peter Henderson
Date: December 8, 2015
Product Name: K182
Part Number: K182
Warranty: 2 Years


AKG’s K182 headphones are a cut above most of the audio products aimed at the mainstream. These are studio monitors, meant to satisfy the discerning customer, designed for use by audio engineers, video editors and those who demand near-perfect reference audio. The build quality of the closed-back K182s also reflects the fact that they were designed for the studio environment.

The K182 headphones have a basic design, betraying their straightforward functionality. They’re mostly plastic, with some metal joints and rubber pieces on the headband. AKG doesn’t want you to forget who made these, with its logo featuring prominently on both earcups and the top of the headband. While there is a minor amount of creaking when you stretch the headband, the frame feels pretty solid.

The headband is adjustable, and the earcups have nearly 360-degree rotation. Because of the powerful 50mm drivers in the K182s, it’s easy to hear what’s going on even when they’re around your neck. The earcups can be folded inside for travel or stowing, with a much stiffer joint that means they are unlikely to unfold on their own.

As with most premium headphones, the K182s come with a replaceable cable that in this case takes a mini-XLR three-pin connection. The three-metre cable included in the package isn’t coiled and terminates in a 3.5mm jack, though AKG has included a gold-plated 1/4 inch adapter. While three metres works well for studio space, you’re going to need a shorter cable if you want to use these headphones on the go.

When it comes to comfort, the K182s are second to none. The leather ear cushions are super deep, and soft enough to relieve any pressure. The clamping is minimal, and our reviewer didn’t notice any heat or sweat accumulating in the earcups. The cushions are replaceable, and AKG has conveniently labeled the interior of each earcup with an L and R. And while there is little padding on the headband, it’s not much of a problem – the K182s come in at just 255 grams, without the cable, making them plenty light enough for extended use.

When plugged into our reviewer’s O2+ODAC amplifier, the K182s reveal themselves as outstanding monitor headphones. The lows come through with power – it’s not a flat response – and have sparkle on the high end that brings the detail out for almost any audio source. They offer a wide soundstage for a closed-back headphone, and that design helps them block out almost all exterior sound. The reverse is true as well, as they leak zero sound to the outside world. AKG’s K182 headphones are fantastic for anyone who wants studio monitor, and well deserving of the Dam Good award.


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