3 IMPORTANT Video Filming Tips I’ve Learned After 10 Years On YouTube!

Video Producer


In this video I want to share my 3 main tips that have carried over with me for my entire YouTube/Video Making career that I hope you might appreciate or utilize in your own content creation.

Tip #1

With microphone that are right in your face is that you always want to be on a slight angle and not directly in front of it because if you’re not using a really nice pop filter, when you release air, it will be picked up. However, if you’re recording on a slight angle there’s whistling noise picked up.

Tip #2

My next tip is to use different color backdrops.  as you can see is just a piece of paper stuck to the wall, but you didn’t know that given the composition of the first shot.

So I have different colors and different size of these papers here. For example, I have the ridges, the kind of look cool and video, especially if these things are out of focus.

I also have plain papers as well and these are much larger allowing me to put them on the wall and do product shots or to create an infinity loop by placing the side on the wall and the rest on the table.

I love this technique because it is super cheap. This paper cost me $1 and that can buy tons of different colors so you have lots of diversity. I use a slightly telephoto 85 mm lens to compress the background to eliminate these edges on the side for a really beautiful effect.

Tip #3

My last tip is something that I’m constantly evolving in terms of lighting and using angle to shape your face. I recently got myself this large gigantic softbox because the larger the light source, the softer the light and the softer the shadows spill depending on how close you are or how far you are from the subject.

My other softbox was a bit too harsh . And so you can see the difference between something like this, the Light Dome Mini, it’s perfect for my space because I don’t have that big of a room but this gigantic thing creates such softer light, which is a lot more pleasing for skin.

The rule of thumb is to position the light on angle so it creates shadows on your face, thus giving your face a bit more depth instead of it being equally lit where sometimes it’s perfect if you’re going for that really soft ambient look. The majority of the time though, a little bit of shadow, even if it’s just like slightly soft, will deliver a more pleasing result for the depth formation of your face.

I also love using diffusion. It’s super cheap, It’s like five in one comes with a reflector and a dark outside. I love this because it allows me to bounce some of that main light onto this other side to create a slightly softer effect. You can also put it on the bottom to illuminate under your chin if you don’t want any of the darker shadows directly on the chin, although sometimes it’s good because it actually creates a shadow and emphasizes the jaw line. There’s many ways to play with the light because of the angle of the light and being not directly in front of you, but on the side.

And so it’s really interesting to think back and reflect on how the original blue Yeti microphone has basically helped me start off my youtube career, career Rad career.

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