This MASSIVE Solar Powered Gaming Setup Is EPIC!!

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Dmitri: So Mike, tell us why did you want to do this project?

So I wanted an experience to watch movies in the backyard during the short Canadian summers. So instead of coming inside to watch them we could sort of set it up outside in the backyard, and I wanted something on a larger scale. It needed also to be portable and collapsible of course, cause I didn’t want to keep it outside all the time. And we have very high winds in the area sometimes, so it really needed to be a to be moveable and I wanted to be able to transfer it to my cottage when I want to as well.

Dmitri:So let’s start off the whole off the grid point.

Mike: So that was actually really interesting, because ViewSonic sent us a projector before launch, and it’s LED based. That means in this case it only takes probably about 120W when it’s at full power and 90W when it’s on energy-saving Eco-mode. What that could do is that you could actually power that off of a battery bank, and you can actually recharge some of these battery banks with a solar panel.

Mike: The first thing that I found was a high capacity battery bank. It’s by AIMTOM, and I think you can get this almost in all regions. It’s 230 watt-hours so technically it should power the projector on Eco-mode for almost two and a half hours. So with that in mind, I looked at solar panels, which this is actually a 60W solar panel that has all of the necessary tips and things like that to charge any device that you could possibly have. And it has an adapter to charge the battery bank as well.

Dmitri: So the first puzzle of our outdoor project is complete. We are charging our Lenovo notebook not with a battery bank, but with a solar panel that we’ve layed out. It’s absorbing all that energy from the sun and passing all that energy directly into the notebook. I think we’re on the good track…until the only cloud in the sky decides to cover the sun.

Dmitri: We’re projecting on the side of your building or what?

Mike: No, no, no, it’s not the side of my building. I found an Elite Screens Yard Master which is everything I could possibly want. It’s collapsible, it’s portable, it’s only 35 pounds, and it’s really highly rated. It’s 135 inches, so it’s the largest one that they have in the Yard Master 2 collection. So yeah it should be pretty interesting.

Eber: So in order for us to establish a proper base for the projector screen, Mr. Michael has to cut the grass. As you can see. Actually he had to cut the grass anyway, So yeah, getting things done.

Dmitri: So this thing is 135″, which is massive. It is by Elite Screens and it only took the three of us to set this whole thing up in about 20 minutes. And now I’m really just really excited to project something on here and see what the experience is like outdoors when we are all mobile.

Eber: It looks amazing.

Mike: It looks like my backyard is changed forever.

Dmitri: From this side, Michael says it looks like we’re filming something inappropriate behind it because it’s a blackout. I can’t wait to play some games. And this is the beautiful bounce light. This is a massive softbox, especially with a sun right there. It’s amazing.

Dmitri: So everything is outside, everything’s perfect. What are you gonna actually use on the projector?

Well since I’m planning on mostly playing movies on it, it’s probably just going to be a tablet with a bunch of downloaded Netflix movies. But I know that you and Eber were talking about maybe playing some CS:GO on there to hone Eber’s skills. So let’s talk about what Eber brought to make sure that happens.

Eber: So I brought the Lenovo Legion Y545. So it features a Core i7 9th Gen CPU with six cores and twelve threads, and it has a GTX 1660 Ti non-MAX Q GPU. So it’s a great combo. Also it’s relatively inexpensive and the port selection is also well thought out. The layout is at the back, which means you don’t have to worry about re-routing your cables around the notebook and that’s great. One of my favorite things about this notebook is the keyboard. It’s just fantastic for typing as well as gaming.

Dmitri: Man, all this is looking EPIC. I’m so excited to start playing some games on the 135″ projector screen. That will be a first for me.

Eber: I’m super excited for this folks. I really am.

Mike: He better be!

Mike: So the projector is the only thing I didn’t buy. It’s the ViewSonic X1. It was sent to us before release and I was super excited to start using it because it has all the specs that I want. It’s LED, so low wattage, short throw, it looks amazing and it has a carrying handle. It has a ton of ports on the back. It has even has USB-C, if you want to push the image with a smartphone that supports that capability. But we tested it inside earlier today and it’s got a bunch of problems. It’s almost like a Beta product. It doesn’t have proper leveling. It’s great if you mount it on the ceiling or you’ve permanently mounted it somewhere else, but from a leveling perspective it’s extremely hard. We had some issues with the keystone adjustment and it’s got an absolutely terrible remote. So I really wouldn’t recommend this projector right now, at least until it comes down significantly in price. There’s a lot of other options you can actually buy from ViewSonic or you can buy anybody else that would achieve the same thing. They are going to be DLP likely, so it’s going to take three to four times the amount of power that this does. So powering it off a battery bank wouldn’t be possible, but at the same time I wouldn’t recommend this thing.

Dmitri: All right, so we have two pieces of good news. The screen is set up and our notebook got fully charged with the solar panel, but as the sun is moving we want to move the solar panel back into the sun properly because it’s now kind of in the shade.

Mike: Yeah, we want to charge up our other battery that’s going to be running the projector in a bit. So we’re going to bring this over there, plug it in, and it should be charged a couple hours.

Dmitri: All right, so now that the screen is all set up, it’s time for us to enjoy the outdoors. Michael, what are you gonna Cook for us?

Mike: Tonight is burgers. So you guys helped me with that projector screen and now you guys get some food.

Dmitri: Good luck disassembling that. Apparently it’s going to be easy anyway, but I think it’s time to go and make some food.

Snows: Man that was awesome, that was so good. Now let’s jump into the projector.

Dmitri: By the way, this is Snows from Boot Sequence. Do a plug!

Snows: What up guys, this is Snows from Boots Sequence. If you want news, if you want real news 3 to 4 times per week, come to Boot Sequence the YouTube Channel. Come on, join me.

Dmitri: Uh, I guys it’s a bit dark in here. How about we light up the gazebo? Mike, what are we get have been to use?

Mike: Oh, we’re just gonna use another battery bank as we are going completely off the grid. So plug it in, turn it on. We’re good to go.

Eber: Let’s do it.

Snows: I think I scratched something, but let’s do it.

Mike: All right, so this battery bank was charged with solar power today so we’re going to pop this in. Hopefully this works, we did test it before. It’s pure sine wave, which is perfect. So let’s go power up the projector. It’s on and it’s working. The notebook we also charged with solar today, so that’s working. And because it’s the Lenovo Legion, we don’t have to worry about it downclocking, we should get about two hours of gaming out of that. So there you go.

Dmitri: I got to say it’s super sharp and actually quite beautiful. 135 inches! It’s time to play some games and it’s time to watch some movies.

Dmitri: The computer right now is on full battery power, Snows is playing Rocket League. Is it good or bad?

Snows: Very good. I mean, damn, I’m playing on a 135″ screen. What do you want me to say?

Dmitri: What do you think?

Eber: It’s huge. It’s huge. It’s amazing. This is amazing.

Snows: It’s big that’s for sure. You know when they said size don’t matter. I don’t think they saw that.

Dmitri: The really interesting thing about this projector is that it’s 4K as you can see right over there we have some Wolfenstein. Oh, that music is epic. We’re going to try to use the Ultra preset for graphics. Legion notebook you better not disappoint.

Dmitri: Mike, what’s it like gaming on a 135″ screen?

Mike: I’m never going to leave outside, even in the Canadian winter I’m going to stay out here in a snow suit. It’s amazing.

Mike: I think the coolest thing and the best surprise of the night so far is this a little battery bank. So it’s been running now for two and a half hours and where still not empty, I guess we’re at the 25% battery power left. But the coolest thing is that projector has been running at full brightness the whole time, not Eco-mode. So the plan worked.

Dmitri: So what did you think of the whole project?

Eber: It was amazing. The fact that we had a 135″ setup with a 4K protector was unreal. Watching movies, gaming, it was amazing. The notebook had no issues playing Rocket League and CS:GO. And having that much real estate is just awesome when you want to just kick back and chill.

Mike: The only thing that I’m really gonna look into is an audio setup, cause right now I think I’m pissing off my neighbors with those speakers outside. I know that’s the major problem. And maybe get a different projector because setting up that thing every single time we want to watch a movie is going to be a pain in the butt.

Dmitri: I’m in the questions seat now. So the entire experience has been quite eye opening regarding how incredible a 4K project really is. Like being very close to a projected image and seeing the detail of those pixels is crazy. I was never expecting that to happen. But in terms of the gaming, for CS:GO as soon as we enabled the projector only we eliminated a lot of that input lag from both the notebook and the screen, which was great. So you can actually go in and play. I wouldn’t consider doing it for myself because that requires a lot of room. Although we were talking with Michael earlier that you could potentially install the screen indoors, because you can remove the legs and mount that on the wall somehow and use a short throw projector indoors, which would be even better. That way you don’t rely on the darkness of the exterior to watch something. That of course maybe will come later, when I have a spare room, like a theater room. For now my TV is my MacBook and I get to enjoy some crazy things when I come visit you guys.

Mike: I’m thinking the next step is bed, but I’m super happy with the way this turned out. We were able to go completely off-grid for the charging. Everything that I wanted out of this setup we accomplished and the wireless aspect – not being plugged into the mains of the house – that’s just a plus because I can take it up to the cottage if I want.

Dmitri: Exactly, you can use a notebook, you can power everything off those massive battery banks and you can charge them, but with the power of the sun. I’m surprised that nothing really went wrong. Everything just kind of worked.

Mike: We didn’t drop anything, so there’s that. So before we drop something, I think it’s bedtime.

Dmitri: I hope you guys enjoyed this piece of content. Let us know what you thought of it. Peace out.

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