Hardware Canucks’ Awards

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Hardware Canucks Reviewed

Our reviewed signature indicates that the product has undergone Hardware Canuck’s rigorous testing and evaluation, whatever the outcome.

This icon may be used in the absence of a recommended award.


The HWC Dam Good award is reserved only for those products that not only perform exceptionally well in our testing, but exceed expectations to become a leader in their respective category. Dam Good products may not focus on price or value, but are contenders for the best performance in their class.


Dam Good Value denotes hardware that performs outstandingly well for its price range. Often products may not be as concerned with competing for the number one performance spot, but focused on delivering the best experience within a particular budget. These products are at the top of their bang-to-buck ratiobut this doesn’t necessarily mean they are always inexpensive.


Our Dam Innovative award represents products or devices that are unique leaders when it comes to innovation and design. They can be units that bring bleeding edge technology to consumers, a rehash of an old idea into something that helps to further enhance performance or incorporate a change that forces us to rethink traditional ways. These products may neither be valued oriented nor hold the performance crown.

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