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Computex 2017: Acer’s Nitro N5 Notebook


Every time we go to Acer at one of these shows, they are displaying something interesting! At CES it was their VX15 budget gaming notebook and a massive laptop that costs more than some people pay for their cars. This time things are a little more toned down but the lack of extreme systems has allowed them to display things that many people may actually end up buying!

This is the new Nitro 5 gaming notebook and it is also one of the oddest things we have seen so far at Computex. The odd part isn’t due to its design or specs but rather how it relates to another notebook in the Acer lineup: the VX15. Honestly, the Nitro 5 looks like a simplified and streamlined version of that excellent VX15 we reviewed a few weeks ago. If you want to watch that video, we’ll leave a link in the video description below.

My confusion about this is where the VX15 lineup ends and the Nitro 5 begins but let’s start with talking about this new notebook and what it brings to the table!

From a design perspective it is much more sleek and stealthy than the VX15 with a predominantly black color scheme and a few very subtle touches of red. While the VX15 screamed “gamer” this notebook could easily pass as a productivity tool. However, Acer is actually targeting this towards entry level gamers but with some pretty cool stuff.

While we all originally questioned why Acer was launching the Nitro N5, after a few minutes of talking to them, it was obvious why the VX15 and this could live alongside one another. The first reason is of course the design since this new notebook takes a more subtle approach without many odd chassis angles or massive splashes of red.

And then there’s the specifications. While the N5 still uses the same Intel Kaby Lake Core i5 and Core i7 processors and GTX 1050Ti graphics card, Acer has also added a bit of AMD into the mix! They’ll be offering the 7th Generation AMD Bristol Ridge A-Series FX, A12 or A10 APUs along with an RX 550 graphics card and up to 32GB of system memory. There’s no word on which configurations will be less expensive but it looks like the Nitro N5 will start at just $800 US dollars and that’s good news for gamers on a budget!

Some of the other specifications are pretty impressive too but then again Acer didn’t mention how much all of the Nitro N5’s configurations will actually cost. Remember, it only starts at $800. Other models will include fast PCIe SSDs in configurations up to 512GB. Some of those will be paired up with an optional HDD for storage and which will come in capacities up to 2TB in size. That was something the VX15 we received just felt incomplete without!

The I/O connectors are pretty basic as well. There’s one USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen 1) port, one USB 3.0 port with power-off charging, two USB 2.0 ports, and an HDMI 2.0 port. Unfortunately it looks like for the time being the only screen being offered on this 15” notebook will be a TN panel but we’re sure that IPS options will be available at some point.

We’re hoping to get the Nitro N5 for review when it is launched sometime in July and it will be interesting to see how the various configurations line up to the VX15 and even competing notebooks from Dell, HP and ASUS. But until then, what do you guys think of the N5? Does this look like something you would buy? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Computex 2017 coverage from us!


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