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My good people, we’ve got a really exciting one for you today: an Overwatch theme build. Should be fun! Of course, this build revolves around the NZXT H500 Overwatch Special Edition case. The regular H500 won my best value case for 2018. This Special Edition model brings some cool color combination to the interior and the exterior, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to play around with colors and build something for true enthusiasts who love the game so much. Such a build is an awesome way to show your support and appreciation for the game. NZXT has done special edition cases for CS:GO and PBUG, also Streamers like Ninja and esports players. Now it’s Overwatch turns, it should be a fun assembly process with these beautiful components.


All right, so let’s start off with the case. The H500 Special Edition Overwatch will set you back $150, which is literally twice the price of the original H500. Naturally you might ask what is so special about this edition? Well, the Overwatch theme obviously very visible, but it’s not overkill. So on the right hand side, we have the Overwatch text and a logo that spans the entire side panel.

While in the front it’s just the illuminated logo, which you can turn off the logo with a button at the back. Overall, they just didn’t really go overboard with this whole Overwatch theme.

And the only other element inside this case would be the a bar on the interior, the cable bar that is orange instead of your traditional colors of black, red, blue and white. So basically it’s orange themed with some slight logo branding on the front and the right side. To be honest, I was expecting a little bit more since we’ve seen the NZXT H440 Hyper Beast that had incredible artwork that spanned the front and the side. Here it’s all a little bit underwhelming. Also, the fact that the logos are different sizes can be a little bit off-putting. and It would be kind of amazing if we just had an orange side panel that matched that color of the internal bar. However, at $150, they’re not including the smart device like we see on the of the regular H500i, that includes internal illumination, and you can plug in your fans and stuff into it. So the fact that that’s not included in the $150 enclosure, that’s also a little bit off-putting. However, for true hardcore gaming enthusiasts of Overwatch, I would say they could look beyond that and appreciate that they have an Overwatch logo on the front and side of the case.


Now keeping up with the NZXT theme, we have something special. It’s a little bit of an early prototype, the N7 Z390 motherboard from NXZT. So the reason why we kind of wanted to experiment with it is because it is all-matte black and I feel like it will compliment this whole stealth approach that we’re doing with the hardware. We will only use RGB illumination and the orange cable bar on the inside to provide some pop of color.

It turns out that’s very difficult to find a monochrome motherboard, which is why the N7 is the perfect candidate with its entire matte black structure. The PCB is black, the covers are black, everything is black. It almost feels like it’s part of the enclosure and not its own piece of hardware, which is actually kind of cool. As for the CPU, thanks to Intel, we got the Core i5-9600K six-core processor with six threads. I can overclock it to 5Ghz easy. It’s a beastly CPU for any game we throw at it.

Getting matching components

As for the cooling, we got a 240mm radiator up front, the NZXT Kraken X52 with Noctua Chromax fans. So we’re going old black over here as well, with the benefit of fantastic CFM and air pressure too.

And the final piece of the puzzle would be the AORUS Extreme RTX 2060 graphics card. One of the reasons of course would be the color coordination. It has RGB lighting so I can color sync it to my other hardware and also try to match the orange on the cable bar. It also has some orange accents built into the shroud itself, like the exposed copper backplate for the GPU which is going to look fantastic. My entire orange theme plus the whole triple fan cooler design is going to be fantastic for temperatures, not just in Overwatch but in any game we throw at it. Normally I would avoid such large, almost obnoxious, and busy shrouds on GPUs since I prefer something a bit more elegant, but I feel like the AORUS Extreme in this particular case matches the whole Overwatch theme of the build.

So yeah, the RTX 2060 looks good, and with the system assembled, some final touches are required to add a little bit of color coordination between the components. So that ring illumination on the cooler for example looks fantastic. The Trident Z RGB memory with that ambiance spill on each module. The graphics cards has just the AORUS text illuminated on the side. It’s not surprising to see how all these NZXT components compliment each other. The motherboards in particular is great, I love the stealth black and like I said earlier it just blends perfectly inside the case. It’s almost like it’s part of the enclosure itself. The same thing with the cooler, that ring illumination on the pump looks absolutely gorgeous. One of the best looking AIO coolers out there for sure.

Fully Built

Looking over the entire color coordination on the interior and exterior, I was kind of hoping that the orange cable bar would be slightly more vibrant because it is rather muted. When I have all my RGB illumination on the interior set to orange it doesn’t exactly match, so changing it to something else would make the system a bit more complete.

And so my concluding thoughts for the entire Overwatch theme is that it’s really good of NZXT to release special edition cases that are game related. It would be really good to see that from other case companies as well. But I was kind of hoping would see something a bit more out there, like having the graphics that are on the packaging be actually on the case instead of just the logo and the Overwatch text. And I guess the licensing fees are quite expensive because at $150 and we don’t even get the regular light bar like we have on the H500i, which is kind of disappointing. But at least we do get the ability to turn an off the front LED section a of the logo. All right guys, that’s it for today, hope you enjoyed this build!

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