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Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3400 16GB Review


Dominator Airflow Platinum LED Fan Accessory

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The aforementioned Dominator Airflow Platinum LED Fan accessory is a welcome addition to this bundle, especially when you consider that they retail for $50 USD each. While these memory modules never ran hot or even particularly warm in our open-air test bed – even when overclocked and overvolted – the same might not be true if other components like a highly clocked CPU and power hungry GPU are radiating heat towards the RAM slots. As a result, these fans are a great way to help improve the thermal environment on and around your very pricey memory kit.

Included with these fans are adaptable mounting brackets that were clearly designed for motherboards with four memory slots on each bank, but which are suitably easy to install on the X99-SOC CHAMPION. There are two 50mm ball bearing fans per unit, with RGD LEDs built-in. These PWM controllable fans that spin at up to 3,700RPM, put out a maximum of 21.2CFM, and output up to 25.6 dBA.

Thanks to the Corsair Link connector, if you own a Corsair Link Lighting Node, you can interface these two components and adjust the RGB LED fans to display any of 16.8 million colours. We didn’t have the necessary hardware to do it, but we’ve seen in person and it’s pretty darn cool if you want to create a cool lighting effect.

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Here we have the fan accessory installed on the motherboard over two memory modules. As you can see on the bottom left-hand image, since this motherboard only has two memory slots on each side, the bracket doesn’t have as much area to rest on as it normally would. It can initially make things a little wobbly, but once you set it up correctly and have everything tightened up properly it is relatively stable.

If you want to keep things low key – but why would you with this über-high-end combo? – you can just plug the fans into the fan header to power them, and all you see is a nice soft glow coming off of the light pipes built into the memory modules. However, if you want something a little more impressive, you can do that too…

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When you plug the Corsair Link connectors together it sends power to the onboard RGB LEDs and you get a properly bright light show. Although their default colour is regrettably red, they can be set to any of 16.8 million colours – including orange – if you buy a Corsair Link Lighting Node.

It is a nice effect, but we do really wish they had defaulted to orange in this case since aesthetics are one of the main selling points behind this unique memory kit.

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