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Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3400 16GB Review



This is an interesting memory kit to review since it depends so heavily on another component. Thankfully, that component in question is the GIGABYTE X99-SOC CHAMPION, and as we mentioned in our review it is an excellent motherboard for any serious overclocker. It is a purpose-built motherboard designed from the ground up to excel at overclocking, and with a very special emphasis on memory overclocking as demonstrated by the daring four memory slot design.

Clearly this caught Corsair’s attention, because otherwise we definitely wouldn’t be reviewing a DDR4-3400 memory kit today. We really can’t overemphasize how impressive it is for an out-of-box motherboard + RAM kit combo to be able to handle such high memory speeds without any user interaction or extreme cooling. We can pretty confidently state that there are no other motherboards on the market right now that can handle a DDR4-3400 XMP profile; yes we tried and failed miserably.

At $1000 USD, the special edition Dominator Platinum is unquestionably expensive, but it’s not actually overpriced. You have to consider that the CMD16GX4M4B3400C16 is manufactured using the best 0.5% of all Hynix ICs that Corsair have hand screened up until now, so this is an extremely low yield product that Corsair couldn’t mass produce even if they wanted to. Anyone even considering such a specialized product knows how much better this kit is than anything else on the market right now.

DDR4-3400 memory modules are not going to revolutionize your gaming experience, or significantly speed up your productivity programs, but in the hands of talented overclockers they are capable of breaking DDR4 frequency records and setting popular benchmarks ablaze. If you just dig the black and orange colour scheme, and have the funds to back it up, at least you can be confident in the knowledge that your money is going towards something that is actually worthy of the “Limited Edition” label.

Recently, we have had to concede that there wasn’t a remarkable overclocking difference between all the 16GB Hynix MFR-based memory kits that we have reviewed. We have always known that these ICs were being very heavily binned from Day 1, so we knew that there wouldn’t be any “diamonds in the rough” making their way to the lower priced kits.

Our mistake was believing that we had been reviewing high-end kits using those rare “diamond” ICs, and thus knew what the upper-end limits of Hynix-based kits were. Apparently we were wrong. We might have reviewed a few good to great kits at this point, but this Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3400 model is truly exceptional and has shifted our expectations considerably.

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