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Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-4000 8GB Review


Packaging & Memory Overview

Although most consumers will never even see the packaging of the products they buy online before ordering them, a little attention to detail does go a long way towards creating a positive initial impression when they receive their product. As a result, let’s see what Corsair have done with this new industry-leading memory kit.

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This is a pretty good sized box for a memory kit. Since this model comes with the Vengeance Airflow Fan accessory – which is pretty heavily advertised on the packaging – we knew that it wouldn’t just be a standard plastic clamshell with a cardboard insert. In the lower right-hand corner there is mention of “Quad Channel” support, and while that might be true in the sense that you could use two kits on an X99 motherboard, don’t expect them to ever run anywhere near DDR4-4000 since the LGA2011-3 platform can’t handle those speeds.

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When you open the packaging you are presented with cardboard box that opens up via a large flap.Inside you will the two memory modules safely held in place and protected by their own separate plastic trays, the Airflow Fan accessory, a speed control cable that reduces fan speed from 3500RPM to 2500RPM, replacement blue and silver accent covers that allow users to tailor the Airflow Fan to match most system’s colour scheme, installation brackets, and a user’s guide detailing how to install the accessory.

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These modules feature the exact same design as the previous Vengeance LPX memory kits that we have reviewed. They also definitely share some design DNA with those found in the previous Vengeance LP DDR3 memory kits, but with a slightly updated look. Made of anodized aluminium, these are fairly low profile heatspreaders with a height of about 34mm/1.34″. As mentioned in the intro, although this particular model comes with red heatspreaders, but there is a black version as well known as the CMK8GX4M2B4000C19.

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As noted in the introduction, this memory kit comes in clocked at DDR4-4000 19-23-23-45 with a 2T command rate. It requires 1.35V – up from the 1.20V default – which is identical to other enthusiast-oriented memory kits, and it’s impressively low given the very high frequency. This is all programmed into the single XMP 2.0 Profile, so enabling these settings is as simple as toggling the XMP option in your motherboard’s BIOS. This XMP profile keeps the BCLK at 100Mhz so there is no accompanying CPU overclock, and while the Uncore was raised from the stock 4000Mhz to 4100Mhz, that seems to simply be the default for all ASUS Z170 motherboards that we’ve tested. When it comes to ancillary voltages, on our ASUS Maximus VIII Impact, the System Agent voltage was automatically raised from 1.05V to 1.328V, while the VCCIO voltage was increased from 0.95V to 1.28V. These are definitely high voltages, but they are necessary in order to coax a large swathe of Skylake K-series chips into being able to run at such a high memory frequency.

Speaking of which, while most processors might be able to support DDR4-4000 with the right amount of voltage, most motherboards will not…at least not via XMP. While this memory kit worked perfectly on ourMaximus VIII Impact – which is certified for DDR4-4000 – we did not have as much luck on our Maximus VIII Extreme, which ASUS have only tested up to DDR4-3866. Simply enabling XMP on the Extreme model resulted in a failure to boot, and even with our manual tweaking attempts we could not get the system to boot at DDR4-4000. Aside from the Maximus VIII Impact, we are only aware of three other motherboards that are certified for DDR4-4000 operation, and they are the ASUS Z170-PREMIUM, ASUS Z170I PRO GAMING, ASRock Z170 OC Formula. That’s not a guarantee that they will work with this particular Corsair kit yet either, it just means that the manufacturers have tested those particular models at up to DDR4-4000.

Although we did not remove the heatspreaders since we did not want to risk damaging these precious modules, we can say with great certainty that they are manufactured with Samsung E-die ICs, specifically known as K4A4G085WE, which are the best overclocking DDR4 memory chips on the market right now when it comes to reaching the highest possible frequency. The ICs may change in the future, but if you can find a kit with the same version number (v4.24) as ours, then you have a great chance of also having these excellent memory chips.

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