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Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-4000 8GB Review


Corsair Vengeance Airflow Fan (CMYAF) Accessory

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The much discussed Corsair Vengeance Airflow Fan (CMYAF)accessory is a very nice addition to this bundle, especially when you consider that it retails for about $27 USD / $40 CAD. The single 60mm fan operates at 3500RPM and can output 14.5CFM, while generating a maximum of 25 dBA. If you want to reduce the noise level a bit, Corsair includes a speed control cable that lowers the rotations per minutes to 2500. Those with an eye towards aesthetics who don’t like the red aluminium cover will be glad to know that it is user-replaceable, and that there is a blue or silver cover included in the bundle.

At 1.35V or even 1.40V, these memory modules never ran hot or even worryingly warm in our open-air test bed, but the same might not be true in an enclosure case where a highly clocked CPU and stressed VRM components can radiate a lot of heat towards the RAM slots. With this in mind, this fan accessory is a novel way of improving the thermal environment on and around a very pricey memory kit.

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Here we have the fan accessory installed on an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard, which to give you an idea of how it looks on a full-size motherboard with a black and red colour scheme. We also demonstrated how the brackets rest on the memory slot clips. It is a simple enough assembly and installation process, and once you set it up correctly and have everything tightened up it is relatively solid as well.

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Those of you with large CPU coolers might reasonably be concerned about possible clearance issues, but Corsair have thought of this as well. The top part of the unit can actually be adjusted and slid left or right across the brackets, and thereby increase the distance between the fan assembly and the heatsink. It’s a lovely and thoughtful design touch.

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