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Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-4000 8GB Review



Despite the fact that it won’t revolutionize your gameplay or set your Excel spreadsheets on fire, playing around with a really fast memory kit is still quite fun for hardware enthusiasts who enjoy benchmarking as a hobby. This Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-4000 8GB model really allowed us to test the boundaries of the Skylake-S LGA1151 platform and that’s something that we always like doing.

This was the first commercially available DDR4-4000 memory kit on the market, so congratulations to Corsair for that achievement. Corsair have since released a DDR4-4133 kit with identical timings and only a slight voltage bump to 1.4V, but it does carry a $60 USD / $100 CAD price premium. Given the impressive overclocking results that we saw at default timings, we think that the DDR4-4000 that we have reviewed today represents a sweet spot for enthusiasts wanting highly binned Samsung E-die ICs.

Performance comparisons at DDR4-4000 versus lower clock speeds with tighter timings go back and forth depending on the workload, but this kit can certainly make popular benchmarking programs scream in the right hands. Whereas we would pick a larger and lower clocked model for a day-to-day system, we really don’t mind that this is a smaller 8GB kit since the target market for this product is likely to be someone with a secondary test system to play with. A 16GB DDR4-4000 kit would be painfully expensive and unnecessary for someone who just wants to experience and benchmark at very high memory speeds.

By the way, that ‘someone’ better be quite knowledgeable about tweaking because as we mentioned in the review, don’t think you can install these modules in a run-of-the-mill Z170 motherboard, enable XMP, and be off to the races. There are very few motherboards on the market that can handle such high memory speeds out of the box.

This is a memory kit that was designed to run really fast and, if our sample is any indication, it has a lot of additional headroom available for those who want to run it even faster. It is a fun piece of hardware to play around with if you are fortunate enough to have the funds to do so and a test system that can handle the high memory frequencies. It is an easy product to recommend for those hobbiest who fall into that use case.

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