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Crucial DDR4-2133 32GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review


Packaging & Memory Overview

Most consumers never even get to see the packaging of the products they buy online before ordering them, but a little attention to the detail does go a long way towards creating a positive initial impression when they receive their product. As a result, let’s see what Crucial have done with this new dual-channel DDR4 memory kit.

Crucial have packaged the CT2K16G4DFD8213 in two plastic clamshells, one for each module, with a informational cardboard sleeve holding the two clamshells together. Thankfully, as is becoming increasingly common, the plastic packaging does not require a knife or scissors to open, so it can be pulled apart by hand and is thus is also re-sealable.

With their familiar green PCB , lack of heatspreader, one Crucial sticker and one Micron sticker, these modules look absolutely identical to those that Crucial have been selling for over a decade. And that’s not a criticism at all, since there’s nothing wrong with consistency when it works. As per JEDEC specifications, these memory modules are 31.25mm/1.23in tall, so quite low profile and thus they should avoid any clearance issues with the fan(s) or fan clips or just fins of particularly wide CPU coolers.

These modules are clocked at DDR4-2133 15-15-15-36-2T with a default voltage of 1.20V. This model obviously doesn’t have any XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) options, but it does have a bunch of JEDEC-approved profiles which are designed to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with all present and future DDR4-supporting motherboards.

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