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OCZ Blade 3x2GB PC3-16000 CL7 Memory Review


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OCZ Blade 3x2GB PC3-16000 CL7 DDR3 Tri Channel Memory Review

Price: $433 CND+HWC
TechWiki Info: OCZ DDR3 PC3-16000 Blade Series CL7 Edition – TechWiki
Manufacturer Product Page: OCZ Technology Group Inc.
Manufacturer’s Part Number: OCZ3B2000LV6GK
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

We all know the tale of David versus Goliath. Sportscasters refer to the myth frequently when describing a matchup won by the underdog. This ancient story describes how the smaller man can overcome the larger oppressor. How physical attributes can be overcome with ingenuity and intelligence. These are all great ways to build confidence in children or instill strength in the common man, unfortunately, that is all a load of fresh fertilizer when it comes to memory. In this tale of David and Goliath, today, Goliath will win. The higher spec’d kit will not be defeated by some skinny little punk with a sling shot.

In the orange corner, fighting out of San Jose California, weighing in at whatever a triple channel kit of memory with OCZ Blade heat spreaders weighs…PC3-sixteenthousand 7-8-7 OCZ Blaaaaaaaaade, Blade. In the opposite corner, every other DDR3 triple channel kit that thinks it can play with the big boys, but in reality, can’t. This bout is scheduled for one round as that is all it will take for the PC3-16000 3x2GB OCZ Blade 7-8-7 kit of memory to prove it’s prowess on the venerable Intel Core i7 platform powered by the X58 chipset. Up until the recent announcement at Computex, this kit was the fastest horse of the OCZ stable, but a OCZ Blade PC3-17000 kit has taken that position. Still, with a specified operating frequency of 1000MHz or DDR3-2000 and timings of a skinny 7-8-7-20, this 1.65v triple channel kit of memory is already impressive…and the overclocking hasn’t even started.

In addition to incredible specifications, the OCZ Blade memory – like all OCZ enthusiast modules – comes with a lifetime warranty backed by one of the best memory companies in the business. Operating their own support forum full of helpful information and individuals, OCZ has been synonymous with top level support by the end-user for years. You don’t have to look far to find a satisfied OCZ customer receiving the help they need. Most importantly for us Canadians, OCZ is one of the very few – by which I mean only – manufacturer that offers RMA service within Canadian borders. No shipping across the continent, no crossing your fingers that customs doesn’t try to tax you on your memory you already paid tax for, and most of all, no hassles what so ever. For those that have never had to do an RMA, this may not sound like a big deal, but for those of us that have; this is huge.

So tighten the straps on your sandals and get your pre-christ rally cap on as we take a look at Goliath – the OCZ Blade PC3-16000 7-8-7 triple channel memory kit – and see just how much faster it is than David and his Israelite homies.

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