Corsair MP500 Force 240GB & 480GB M.2 SSD Review


ATTO Disk Benchmark

The ATTO disk benchmark tests the drives read and write speeds using gradually larger size files. For these tests, the ATTO program was set to run from its smallest to largest value (.5KB to 8192KB) and the total length was set to 256MB. The test program then spits out an extrapolated performance figure in megabytes per second.

As you can see both the 240GB and 480GB models post extremely good performance numbers. Thanks to the extra on-board RAM cache and better NAND interleaving the larger 480GB MP500 is able to keep up with Intel and Toshiba’s top of the line, but the 240GB is no slouch. In other words, the MP500 Force may not exactly knock it out of the park but this in our books is still a home run for Corsair. Corsair really needed a great enthusiast grade drive and the MP500 Force really does live up to expectations.

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