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Corsair Neutron XTi 480GB SSD Review


Crystal DiskMark

Crystal DiskMark is designed to quickly test the performance of your drives. Currently, the program allows us to measure sequential and random read/write speeds, and also allows us to set the number of tests iterations to run. We left the number of tests at 5 and the size at 100MB.



PCMark 7

While there are numerous suites of tests that make up PCMark 7, only one is pertinent: the HDD Suite. The HDD Suite consists of numerous tests that try and replicate real world drive usage. Everything from how long a simulated virus scan takes to complete, to MS Vista start up time to game load time is tested in these core tests; however, we do not consider this anything other than just another suite of synthetic tests. For this reason, while each test is scored individually, we have opted to include only the overall score.

Once again, the Corsair Neutron XTi is posting results which are not in line with what we have come to expect from the PHISON S10 controller. Looking closer, both the single and deep queue depths results are bloody impressive, and this model gives enthusiast-grade drives a real run for their money… as it should for $180!

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