Crucial BX300 480GB SSD Review


  • Author: AkG
  • Date: August 29, 2017
  • Product Name: BX300 480GB
  • Part Number: CT480BX300SSD1
  • Warranty: 3 years

Partial and Full Drive Performance

While it is important to know how a drive will perform under optimal conditions, more realistic scenarios are just as important. Knowing if a solid state drive will behave differently when partially or even nearly full than when it is empty is very important information to know. To quickly and accurately show this crucial information we have first filled the drive to 50% capacity and re-tested using both synthetic and real world tests. After the completion of this we then re-test at 75% and 90% of full capacity. 

Synthetic Test Results

For our synthetic testing we have opted for our standard PCMark 7 test.

Real World Results

For a real world application we have opted for a modified version of our standard Windows 7 Start Up test. Unlike our standard Windows 7 image this image is based on a working system that has been upgraded numerous times of the past few years and represents an even more realistic real world test.

These results are why we go the extra mile and do not just base our conclusion on perfect scenarios. As you can see the SM2258 may not bring anything to the performance table but the other side of that coin is that it actually does an above average job when used in more realistic ways. Its almost as if SMI and Crucial do not care much about benchmarks and rather care about the real world. This really does make the BX300 much better overall than it appears on first blush – especially when compared to the MX300 and its Marvell controller, one that still has issues with more realistic scenarios.

To throw a little cold water on that parade is that while SMI – and by extension Crucial – have just been resting on its laurels other companies have been hard at work making their offerings even better. That is why Toshiba’s OCZ division, Intel, PHISION, and many others have caught up and even surpassed what was once excellent results. This is a shame as this is supposed to be a showcase model to highlight how good the new MLC CuA NAND really is.

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