Crucial BX300 480GB SSD Review


  • Author: AkG
  • Date: August 29, 2017
  • Product Name: BX300 480GB
  • Part Number: CT480BX300SSD1
  • Warranty: 3 years


With the release of the BX300 series Crucial has once again put the industry on notice that inexpensive can no longer be synonymous with cheap. The BX300 480 may not be the lowest cost solution in the value end of the marketplace but it is easily one of the best. Its combination of cutting edge MLC 3D CuA NAND with a decent controller does set a rather high threshold on what can now be considered a good value in the entry level end of the marketplace.

As we saw throughout testing this new ‘BX’ acts, and reacts more like a ‘BX+’ and that should worry the competition. However, you wouldn’t know that by just looking at the BX300’s price point. In a market that is reaching new levels of affordability, a drive like this coming in at a higher cost per gigabyte than its predecessor will likely turn off anyone who doesn’t look beyond a retailer’s virtual shelves. Just know that you will be getting a lot more for your money.

Let’s start with the obvious; in real world applications and synthetics alike, the BX300 is significantly faster than its predecessor. More importantly, it actually retains that level of performance until well after the 50% capacity mark is reached. Those initial synthetic numbers are important that long term throughput is a key factor for every one of our SSD evaluations and Crucial nailed it here.

While there are many challengers from within the BX300 480GB’s $150 bracket, one of its primary competitors actually comes from right within Crucial’s own lineup. That MX300 525GB looks really tempting since it matches its sibling’s benchmark numbers in both real and synthetic tests while offering more capacity. Granted, 45GB doesn’t sound like a huge amount but when newer games are pushing up against the 60GB ceiling, every little bit counts.

But does that cause a huge issue for the BX300? That depends on the capacity you are looking for. It has an enticing 120GB model for the entry level buyers and tops out at 480GB whereas the MX300 hits the 275GB to 2TB markets. Unfortunately this situation does cause something of an identity crisis for the 480GB model we’re reviewing here, especially when you consider the competing MX300 has hardware-based onboard data loss protection.

But a lot of what we’re talking about here will be all for naught in the coming months. Based on this drive’s performance the BX300 series not only marks Crucial’s return to the value corner of the market but also suggests the death knell of the MX300. It quite possibly even suggests a turning point for future Crucial mainstream ‘MX’ model designs. After all Crucial now has an ‘old’ MX model that is no longer clearly superior to a new BX model. The smart money will be on Crucial releasing a 4th generation MX branded series in the near future but that’s only our educated guess.

In the interim, knowledgeable buyers looking for a SATA based solution that does not randomly slow down, and yet does not cost an arm and a leg, need look no further than the BX300 series. Hopefully, at some point in the near future Crucial will offer larger BX300s as this artificial limitation on the capacity front is its only real smudge on an otherwise sterling new series’ release.

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