The Crucial MX300 2TB SSD Review



AS-SSD is designed to quickly test the performance of your drives. Currently, the program allows to measure sequential and small 4K read/write speeds as well as 4K file speed at a queue depth of 6. While its primary goal is to accurately test Solid State Drives, it does equally well on all storage mediums it just takes longer to run each test as each test reads or writes 1GB of data.


Anvil Storage Utilities Pro

Much like AS-SSD, Anvil Pro was created to quickly and easily – yet accurately – test your drives. While it is still in the Beta stages it is a versatile and powerful little program. Currently it can test numerous read / write scenarios but two in particular stand out for us: 4K queue depth of 4 and 4K queue depth of 16. A queue depth of four along with 4K sectors can be equated to what most users will experience in an OS scenario while 16 depth will be encountered only by power users and the like. We have also included the 4k queue depth 1 results to help put these two other numbers in their proper perspective. All settings were left in their default states and the test size was set to 1GB.

Once again the memory buffer and large SLC cache does little to boost read performance over that of the 2050GB MX300’s smaller brethren but it does make a rather noticeable difference on write performance. Especially deeper queue depth write performance where the smaller MX300s do occasionally miss a step. Certain 2D Toggle Mode SATA drives, like those from Toshiba, still can outperform it, but for an ONFi NAND based model the MX300 2TB really shows the competition how things are done.

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