The Intel Optane Memory Module Review


Firefox Portable Offline Performance

Firefox is notorious for being slow on loading tabs in offline mode once the number of pages to be opened grows larger than a dozen or so. We can think of fewer worse case scenarios than having 100 tabs set to reload in offline mode upon Firefox startup, but this is exactly what we have done here.

By having 100 pages open in Firefox portable, setting Firefox to reload the last session upon next session start and then setting it to offline mode, we are able to easily recreate a worst case scenario. Since we are using Firefox portable all files are easily positioned in one location, making it simple to repeat the test as necessary. In order to ensure repetition, before touching the Firefox portable files, we have backed them up into a .rar file and only extracted a copy of it to the test device.

Real World Data Transfers

No matter how good a synthetic benchmark like IOMeter or PCMark is, it cannot really tell you how your hard drive will perform in “real world” situations. All of us here at Hardware Canucks strive to give you the best, most complete picture of a review item’s true capabilities and to this end we will be running timed data transfers to give you a general idea of how its performance relates to real life use. To help replicate worse case scenarios we will transfer a 20.00GB contiguous file and a folder containing 400 subfolders with a total 24,000 files varying in length from 200mb to 100kb (20.00 GB total).

Testing will include transfer to and transferring from the devices, using MS RichCopy and logging the performance of the drive. Here is what we found.

As with all the other test results the Optane Memory module offers value orientated buyers excellent read performance but less than stellar write performance. It is also obvious that Optane Memory has been fine tuned for shallow queue depth performance as the Firefox results are merely decent. Needless to say this iteration of Optane Memory will not be worrying Solid State Drive manufacturers all that much. However, it can provide an excellent solution for someone who is using a traditional hard drive.

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