The Intel Optane Memory Module Review


ATTO Disk Benchmark

The ATTO disk benchmark tests the drives read and write speeds using gradually larger size files. For these tests, the ATTO program was set to run from its smallest to largest value (.5KB to 8192KB) and the total length was set to 256MB. The test program then spits out an extrapolated performance figure in megabytes per second.

In order to show both the SSD and HDD based Optane Memory acceleration results we have had to make one of the bars above completely “hollow” since the results are the same. What this tells us is that the Optane Memory module is being used regardless of what it is paired with. For the most part this is more than acceptable as a hard disk drive will always be the weakest link, but since there is no customization to the caching setup it does appear that pairing Optane with even a SATA SSD is a waste of resources. More on this later.

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