Intel’s Optane & DC P4800X; A Deep Dive


Summarizing the Next Steps

As you can see Intel is extremely excited about Optane Technology and based on their briefing, they have every right to be. It may not be the devastating 1000X improvement that was promised two years ago, but it still is a paradigm shifting technology. The benefits that come with the ability to swap out expensive DDR4 ECC memory for less expensive Optane memory really cannot be overstated, nor can its promises of drastically reduced latency.

These two promises alone make Optane a serious alternative solution for a bevy of Enterprise related roles. These are roles that vary from database servers, to cloud storage solutions and nearly every server in between may indeed benefit from a timely update to an Optane DC P4800X. We are not alone in thinking that this could indeed be a paradigm shift as Intel already has Alibaba, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, MySQL, and even VMWare waving the Optane flag.

For our readers who are involved in the Enterprise sector of the market we strongly recommend paying close attention to Intel in the coming months. For more SOHO and even home users we will investigate another Optane solution in the coming weeks. For now though, the Optane DC P4800X may look like an interesting idea but one that can never see being useful for a broad range of situations. Nothing could be further from the truth as Intel has a long-standing tradition of servicing the Enterprise first and then releasing consumer-orientated products based upon the Enterprise technology later. One need not look back further than the Intel 750 for example of this methodology at work.

Until a ‘750’-style model is released Optane should still be on everyone’s radar. This technology is not just for servers and may indeed pay dividends in home environments. Promises of being 3-10 times faster than a DC P3700 can easily translate into a future promise of an Intel 750 successor that is also three to ten times faster than its predecessor.

With that thought in mind, and in conclusion, a famous quote by John F. Kennedy comes to mind when thinking about the Intel’s Optane Technology. That quote is not “The future’s so bright, I got to wear shades”, and rather is “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. This is precisely what Intel is looking to accomplish. They did not look at past or present successes when creating Optane Technology. Rather, they envisioned a future that questioned the very definition of what separates volatile from non-volatile memory. Let’s all hope that their vision of the future is indeed proven correct by real world usage of the DC P4800X along with other upcoming Optane technology-based products.

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