PNY CS2030 NVMe M.2 240GB SSD Review


ATTO Disk Benchmark

The ATTO disk benchmark tests the drives read and write speeds using gradually larger size files. For these tests, the ATTO program was set to run from its smallest to largest value (.5KB to 8192KB) and the total length was set to 256MB. The test program then spits out an extrapolated performance figure in megabytes per second.

When it comes to read performance this drive behaves similarly to the Intel 750, whereas in write performance it takes more after the Toshiba RD400. That certainly is not a bad combination considering this drive is much more reasonably priced than either, and it blows them both out of the water at larger block sizes. Even though these results are excellent, this drive is fast but not as fast as the paper specifications would lead you to believe.

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