PNY CS2030 NVMe M.2 240GB SSD Review


Windows 8.1 Start Up w/ Boot Time A/V Scan Performance

When it comes to hard drive performance there is one area that even the most oblivious user notices: how long it takes to load the Operating System. We have chosen Windows 8.1 64bit Pro as our Operating System with all ‘fast boot’ options disabled in the BIOS. In previous load time tests we would use the Anti-Virus splash screen as our finish line; this however is no longer the case. We have not only added in a secondary Anti-Virus to load on startup, but also an anti-malware program. We have set Super Anti-Spyware to initiate a quick scan on Windows start-up and the completion of the quick scan will be our new finish line.


Adobe CS5 Load Time

Photoshop is a notoriously slow loading program under the best of circumstances, and while the latest version is actually pretty decent, when you add in a bunch of extra brushes and the such you get a really great torture test which can bring even the best of the best to their knees. Let’s see how our review unit fared in the Adobe crucible!

As with most of the synthetic test results, the PNY CS2030 easily keeps up with the larger and more expensive models in the charts. This M.2 model is quickly becoming our favorite and is swiftly proving to be one heck of a value, irrespective of its high price per gigabyte.

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