Toshiba OCZ TL100 128GB & 256GB SSD Review


Read Bandwidth

For this benchmark, HDTach was used. It shows the potential read speed which you are likely to experience with these hard drives. The long test was run to give a slightly more accurate picture. We don’t put much stock in Burst speed readings and thus we no longer included it. The most important number is the Average Speed number. This number will tell you what to expect from a given drive in normal, day to day operations. The higher the average the faster your entire system will seem.


Write Performance

For this benchmark HD Tune Pro was used. To run the write benchmark on a drive, you must first remove all partitions from that drive and then and only then will it allow you to run this test. Unlike some other benchmarking utilities the HD Tune Pro writes across the full area of the drive, thus it easily shows any weakness a drive may have.

Just as with any TLC NAND based drive the VL100 series’ read performance is very good but the write throughput will be highly variable. Basically once the portion of NAND set aside for pseudo-SLC mode is exhausted the write performance does noticeably drop off. Since the 240GB version has a bigger ‘cache’ its performance is slightly better. However, as this series is intended for non-power users few will exhaust this buffer before it can be ’emptied’ to the rest of the TLC NAND.

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