Western Digital Black 6TB HDD Review


Read Bandwidth

For this benchmark, HD Tune Pro was used. It shows the potential read speed which you are likely to experience with these storage devices. We don’t put much stock in Burst speed readings and thus we no longer included it. The most important number is the Average Speed number. This number will tell you what to expect from a given drive in normal, day to day operations. The higher the average the faster your entire system will seem.

Write Performance

For this benchmark HD Tune Pro was used. To run the write benchmark on a drive, you must first remove all partitions from that drive and then and only then will it allow you to run this test. Unlike some other benchmarking utilities the HD Tune Pro writes across the full area of the drive, thus it easily shows any weakness a drive may have.

This is one fast hard drive. At its absolute ‘slowest’ the Black 6TB still writes data to the platters at a blistering 104+ Megabytes per second. That is nearly 19MB/s faster than its 4GB predecessor or a 21.7% increase! More impressive still is the average performance is a whopping 177+MB/s and this drive peaked at 224MB/s – which pretty darn close to first generation SSD territory.

On the read side of the equation average speeds were an impressive 179.8MB/s. Once again this is noticeably faster than the previous generation (nearly 33% faster) and even makes an Enterprise Grade hard drive like the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5” v4 HDD look slow in comparison. Obviously the combination of a smarter controller, smart (and more) RAM cache, and 1.2TB platters is a winning one.

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