Western Digital Black 6TB HDD Review


Crystal DiskMark

Crystal DiskMark is designed to quickly test the performance of your hard drives. Currently, the program allows to measure sequential and random read/write speeds; and allows you to set the number of tests iterations to run. We left the number of tests at 5 and size at 100MB.

Once again the line between 10,000RPM SATA and 7,200rpm SATA hard drives has been all but erased. Higher latency and slower spindle speed or not this model is incredibly fast for any SATA drive and obviously the old maximum that quantity has a quality all its own is in full effect.

PCMark 7

While there are numerous suites of tests that make up PCMark 7, only one is pertinent: the HDD Suite. The HDD Suite consists of numerous tests that try and replicate real world drive usage. Everything from how long a simulated virus scan takes to complete, to MS Vista start up time to game load time is tested in these core tests; however we do not consider this anything other than just another suite of synthetic tests. For this reason, while each test is scored individually we have opted to include only the overall score.

This new Black series may not exactly have been designed with Operating Systems in mind, but it is an extremely fast drive nonetheless. Obviously Western Digital is courting gamers with the Black 6TB and based on what we have seen so far they are doing one hell of a job at precisely that.


AS-SSD is designed to quickly test the performance of your drives. Currently, the program allows to measure sequential and small 4K read/write speeds as well as 4K file speed at a queue depth of 6. While its primary goal is to accurately test Solid State Drives, it does equally well on all storage mediums it just takes longer to run each test as each test reads or writes 1GB of data.

As with the Crystal DiskMark results, the Western Digital 6TB Black is redefining what levels of performance consumers can expect from a ‘mere’ 7,200RPM drive. Put simply this drive is as fast as a VelociRaptor, offers six times the storage capacity and costs less. No matter how you look at it that is rather impressive to say the least.

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