Western Digital Black 6TB HDD Review


Partial and Full Drive Performance

While it is important to know how a drive will perform under optimal conditions, more realistic scenarios are just as important. Knowing how drive will behave when partially or even nearly full than when it is empty is very important information to know. To quickly and accurately show this crucial information we have first filled the drive to 50% capacity and re-tested using both synthetic and real world tests. After the completion of this we then re-test at 75% and 90% of full capacity.

Synthetic Test Results

For our synthetic testing we have opted for our standard PCMark 7 test.

Real World Results

For a real world application we have opted for our standard Adobe CS5 test.

As expected the Western Digital 6TB Black edition’s performance drop-off is predictable yet gradual and not all that significant in the grand scheme of things. When this drive is at near capacity – which does take a long time to physically accomplish – it is basically as fast as the previous generation at 50% capacity. That right there sums up just how much advancement Western Digital has been able to cram into one generation.

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