The AMD RX 580 8GB Performance Review



Quantum Break

Years from now people likely won’t be asking if a GPU can play Crysis, they’ll be asking if it was up to the task of playing Quantum Break with all settings maxed out. This game was launched as a horribly broken mess but it has evolved into an amazing looking tour de force for graphics fidelity. It also happens to be a performance killer.

Though finding an area within Quantum Break to benchmark is challenging, we finally settled upon the first level where you exit the elevator and find dozens of SWAT team members frozen in time. It combines indoor and outdoor scenery along with some of the best lighting effects we’ve ever seen.

Titanfall 2

The original Titanfall met with some reasonable success and its predecessor tries to capitalize upon that foundation by including a single player campaign while expanding multiplayer options. It also happens to be one of the best looking games released in 2016.

This benchmark sequence takes place within the Trial By Fire mission, right after the gates of the main complex are breached. Due to the randomly generated enemies in this area, getting a completely identical runthrough is challenging which is why we have increase the number of datapoints to four.

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