The NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Performance Review


Overclocking Results – Pushing Past 2GHz

Back when NVIDIA first showed the GTX 1080 Ti, it was displayed running at a constant overclocked speed of 2GHz. Considering the card runs at 1733MHz on a regular basis even when under heavy load, 2GHz certainly seemed like a possible achievement and it was…..but with a few sacrifices.

If you want to hit a 2GHz core speed acoustics will have to be offered up as a sacrificial lamb on this Founders Edition card. While the heatsink and fan design is geared towards efficiency, higher voltage and heat output quickly pushes them to the breaking point. As a result you will need to boost fan speeds to 70% or so to achieve adequate cooling….but be prepared to lose a bit of sanity since things get very loud, very fast.

With a few tweaks it was easy to get my sample running just over 2GHz and I expect board partners’ versions should achieve this frequency level with much less drama. Meanwhile, the memory exceeded expectations by running at 12GHz without any overt issues.

And what kind of performance should you expect from those speeds? Hold onto your hats…..

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