AMD Ryzen 5 1600X & 1500X Performance Review




While it may be open source, GIMP is actually one of the most popular free photo editors available right now. It uses both CPU and GPU acceleration for certain tasks. In this test we use an 8K image and use a script to run eight different filters in succession. This is considered a lightly threaded workload since the memory, CPU and storage drive can all play a role in performance.


Video conversion from one format to another is a stressful task for any processor and speed is paramount. Handbrake is one of the more popular transcoders on the market since it is free, has a long feature list, supports GPU acceleration and has an easy-to-understand interface. In this test we take a 6GB 4K MP4 and convert it to a 1080P MKV file with a H.264 container format. GPU acceleration has been disabled. The results posted indicate how long it took for the conversion to complete.

As we move on to applications that don’t absolutely require the most threads possible, the Ryzen 5 processors drop down a few places against Kaby Lake but those GIMP results are quite impressive. In them, both of these new inexpensive chips are able to run neck and neck against Ryzen 7.

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