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    the new Mac's are outrageous!

    This is spot on. My fist car cost me $2,000. And guess what, 6 years later I am still driving it. Chevrolet Optra 2004 LS. Like a BOSS.
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    I have a question about browsers on Windows 10

    I use Brave (https://brave.com)
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    Creating custom PSU cables for SF750

    And then I saw this: ... what is the meaning of life... I don't think I'll ever be able to build another system to remotely enjoy it as I just drooled all over this one... This is a new 'holy sh*t' standard of 'wow, that looks pretty slick'...
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    Rants etc.....

    Microsoft is pushing for 'passwordless': http://aka.ms/passwordless
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    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    @lowfat : badass!
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    BIOSTAR TB250-BTC Motherboards

    So based on that, if we were to price it - let's say $150 for the mobo, $50 for the CPU, $30 for SSD and $60 for RAM. Sounds to me that anywhere from $250-300 SHIPPED is a reasonable ask. Thanks!
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    BIOSTAR TB250-BTC Motherboards

    I was cleaning out the garage and found 5 boards BIOSTAR TB250-BTC and one TB250-BTC+. Most of them are loaded with 4GB/8GB RAM, 128GB SSD m.2 and G3900 or G4400 CPU. Comes with I/O Shield, Speaker and a Power button. I have no use for them, so wondering what those go for these days? eBay is...
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    Want to Sell Wifi Mesh 3 pack

    This is a great deal! I have three of these setup in a mesh at home. If no one takes it within two weeks, I'll be taking these as a spare.
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    Thinking on replacing my 2nd HDD with a SSD

    I'll buy your 4TB HDD ;)
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    UDM Pro

    Not bad I must say!
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    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    Remove the side window, that should generate enough circulating air :)
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    Want to Sell Old stock for free.

    That particular system is long gone. I am using Supermicro X9SRL-F + Xeon E5 2695 v2 now - unRAID :)
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    Friends don't let friends card sag

    Here is another interesting one: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07CM25LF3/
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    how often do you charge your mobile devices?

    Wasn't able to find a solid equivalent. We could message AccuBattery dev and see what he/she says about it.
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    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    There is a reddit thread on this:

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