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    Want to Buy ASRock K10N780SLIX3-WIFI

    I want to buy an ASRock K10N780SLIX3-WIFI. Don't want to pay an arm and a nut, anyone able to help?:ph34r:
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    4 More Job's open (2 Calgary 2 Edmonton)

    I wasn't trolling, I gave you sound advice. IT as an industry needs to clean up its act in this respect. You would not have had to sift through 1,000 resumes from desperate or unqualified people in the first place if you had been specific in your listing. If you found someone willing to work...
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    4 More Job's open (2 Calgary 2 Edmonton)

    What do you consider, "Great Pay?" I looked at your job posting with its lengthy list of requirements and saw nothing that would entice any existing IT worker. There isn't even a pay range provided. This does look like an entry level position, but we're talking Edmonton and Calgary, so pretty...
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    Plastic Repair

    Just use the two part epoxy you mix up. You don't have to use the best epoxy out there, dollarama epoxy works fine. Use a little bit more to fill in gaps/provide support. Don't get any epoxy on circuit boards.
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    Looking to hire two awesome Exchange Admins

    You know what I hate about IT as a career? Most employers looking for IT workers will not list compensation in their job postings, but are quite explicit in what they seek in a worker. This sends a pretty clear message. The company is seeking the best worker they can find for as little pay...
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    Don't get an all in one computer toolkit. You will end up with with Canadian Tire Jobmate quality tools at Snap-on tool prices. You are better off getting a tool box and buying what you need to fill it. I honestly think most of the computer "toolkit" manufacturers just throw random crap in...
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    Why data caps suck!

    Is this over the rim?
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    Tech predictions for 2013?

    I predict Research In Motion will make a slight comeback in 2013 because while Android and Apple are chasing their tails hoping consumerization will spread into corporate markets, RIM look to have been taking their time trying to get things right with BB10, pleasing corporate customers first. I...
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    Screen Burnin on Retina Displays?

    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4034848?start=0&tstart=0 410 pages of a comment thread leads me to believe this isn't an isolated incident. From one of the comments it looks as if Apple is trying to broom Samsung out of making their displays and their new supplier isn't doing such a good...
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    Rants etc.....

    You are wrong, life expectancies are not on the decline, we are living longer. Life expectancy at birth, by sex, by province We are living longer than we ever have. People have a misguided opinion things were so much better generations ago, and in some ways they were, in many ways they...
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    Rants etc.....

    Do you know why people rely on modern medicine? Because it's based on actual science. You know, that branch of knowledge which has successfully built on itself to the point where we all are using computers, electricity, homes built to code, etc..... I am not saying hubris, laziness or...
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    Sub $100 speakers, soundcards, oh my!

    I don't think there would be any benefit. You have to remember in most cases audio is being carried and pushed through a mini plug.
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    Sub $100 speakers, soundcards, oh my!

    I don't have experience with the Genius or CA speakers, but the Logitech speakers are excellent, well worth the $99 sale price. I would not hesitate to buy them again.
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    Windows 8 worth it?

    I'll say one thing about Windows 8 ... They found a catchy song for one of their commercials. New Windows 8 commercial song. [Lenka - Everything At Once] - YouTube It doesn't make me want to run Windows 8, but it does make me want to download a few albums by Lenka.
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    Need tablet info!

    Staples $118 for a 32gb Playbook. After $1.25 environazi tax, it's $133.56 out the door. It's almost the same price as an ebook reader. You can get Angry birds for it, and they're easy enough to circumvent copy protection if that's your thing.