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    An improvement...

    Looks Fancy :)
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    Reaching a wifi signal that is /just/ out of reach

    You can maybe use some seat metal curved around the out door antenna to help the signal.
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    Replacing Coax In Wall

    You can get a cable cutter fore Coax at Home Depot.
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    Ethernet wiring in house

    There is real upgrade from Cat 6 to Cat 7. Cat 7 is shealded and faster.
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    anyone here know anything about sit-stand desks?

    Updesk Linus Vid
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    is there better than CAT6a now?

    https://www.primecables.ca/ they have 7 and 8. I know the Cat 7 and Cat 8 are not standardized. Googel, Amazon and Apple are supposed to get together a set them. These work well fore me.
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    Star Citizen

    Yah :)
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    Must Have programs for Windows?

    Glasswire firewall Ccleaner Spybot Search and destroy and Anty Beacon MSI Afterburner CPU Z OCCT free monitor software
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    Star Citizen

    PTU 8.2 is up now.
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    What Size ? soft tube ?
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    Star Citizen

    What We have now is deftly worth the basic ship cost, Yes its still in development.
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    Need info Re: will a 3.0 PCIe GPU card work in an older 2.0 PCIe motherboard???

    You can overclock your CPU also. Edit: Take look at Kijij fore 24 GB of DDR3 or even 8 gig sticks it helps allot.
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    Any place (in Canada) to buy Thermaltake Core P3 Tempered Glass Curved Case

    Memory Express has https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX73206 Not sure if this is what your after. You mite be able to order what you want,
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    Weird crash and after moment system restarted on 9900K and 2080 Ti.

    Look up "who Crashed " its a small utility reads crash code.
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    Hardware monitoring with desktop widget display

    Fore Internet try " Glass Wire' ' Its a full Firewall and if you use the pay version you can monitor Internet widget and and ask to connect.