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    Star Citizen

    3.7 has gone Live. I.m downloading.
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    Budget cell phone

    Bell has the widest coverage in eastern Canada.. I don't know much about phones. in eatern Canada.
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    Yes that's a better cooler.
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    You should use 240 cooler. A better power supply EVGA , Corsair orS seasonic. Don't cheep out on it.
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    Random USB Harddrive powering on and off

    take a look at https://www.safer-networking.org/products/spybot-anti-beacon/ you can look and see going on. Look up Glasswire firewall
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    Random USB Harddrive powering on and off

    Look this up
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    Insight on specs

    Is that 1000 include monitor . keyboard and mouse? What Resolution and frame rate rate are we talking?
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    Need suggestions on how to network my home.

    You want your WIFI to be on the second floor at your desk and a shirt run of CAT7 to your computer. WIFI will work better the higher it is in the house. If you can find a way to run CAT7 to your other locations they will work better. If it cant be run then power line will work better...
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    new to pc building

    At that price point you are likely taking used market. What do you want to do with this PC.
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    Computer won't power on at all

    If the it lived it would be a useful gadget. sorry looks not good :(
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    Computer won't power on at all

    Try this https://www.moddiy.com/products/90-Degree-Angled-USB-3.0-19-Pin-20-Pin-Internal-Header-Mini-Connector.html If it will fit. :)
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    Computer won't power on at all

    What board are we talking about ? Maybe if the bios chip is not sodderd in then Ebay a replacement.
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    Computer won't power on at all

    Try motherboard battery .
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    Rampage V USB Issue

    Try a new motherboard battery. See if its got proper volts.